Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Welcome to My New Blog:  Qreative Quilts and Quips

I'm excited to share with you the projects the year ahead finds me working on.  I have many plans for quilts and sewing projects to tackle this year and would love sharing them with you.  The best part is in doing so I believe I will keep motivated to stay on task.  I have many UFO's and many plans to start new cherished projects and nothing is better than seeing the finished fruits of your labor loved by someone else.

Life can come at you fast from all sides life's distractions can knock you off course real fast.  By sharing what is going on I hope to stay the course so I can post my successes and hopefully have very few failures along the way.

Besides being an avid quilter, I love to try new recipes and tackle new garden projects which I hope to share along the way also.  My husband, Cary, who I have been happily married to for 25 years is starting to get back into wood working and maybe I'll even be sharing some of his creations, too, as I'm sure some of them will end up in my garden.

May the New Year find you happily enjoying Family and Friends!!!

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