Sunday, May 25, 2014

More progress in May

I've been busy making the most of what seems like a very long month of May to good use catching up on blocks and starting new ones.  I added the Jack in the Beanstalk block to the completed blocks in the Happily Ever After series from Quiet Play's pattern collection I bought a few months back.

I am finally trying to catch up on the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's 2014 Medallion Along quilt.  I kind of got two months behind --- at least that is what it feels like when I still hadn't gotten last month's addition on and then had this month's to do.  I dragged my feet with last month's because it included a little re-figuring the pattern so I could sneak in the bottom of my heart into the top.  I attacked it today and found it wasn't too bad getting the bottom of the heart done but then the circles were the next challenge.

So far I am really happy with how this is turning out.   As soon as I got the bottom of the heart in place I could see how I could have made the top of the heart bigger.  Indeed, I could have increased the top of the heart but at the time I was making all the X's I just couldn't see it.  Oh well, hindsight is always 20-20.  If I could only find time to learn to use the EQ7 I bought last year maybe I could have colored it in and seen it better.  I tried to color it in on just the printed paper copies of the pattern but just didn't find that process to be effective this time.

The inset circles were a little bit of a pain but I am just happy they are done.  The pattern and instructions to make them can be found here.  I do love how the black of both the thin line and circles help to frame the center of this quilt top.

Keep Stitchin'

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday WIP

I started to work on my Kate Spain charms.  Believe it or not...I have never made a project using charms. That said---they may have addictive powers as I can already see how easy projects come together using them and they have the built in color coordination thing going for them.  I have had charms for a while now, even looked at plenty of patterns using them, I just haven't set about to actually commit to a pattern using them.  What can I say I love paper piecing and charms don't work so great for paper piecing.

Karen, who blogs at The Recipe Bunny, recently pointed out that I can never finish a project because I make a quilt top one block at a time.  Yeah...she is so spot on right.  Each block of paper piecing takes so long and 12 of them, take well...12 times as long to make.  I will still be paper piecing but felt the need to diversify recently and just plain get something done for a change.

This flimsy still needs a border to make it complete but that will have to wait as I need to buy a little more fabric for it so for now I am just feeling good that it got this far in one day.

The pattern is one I found in a Leisure Arts book at the library. The pattern is called Jennifer. Finished size is suppose to be 39"x 47". Just need to add 3 1/2" border of white all the way around.

These are 40 of the 226 Kate Spain charms I received in the 2 Kate Spain charm swap rounds hosted by Michele from Quilts From My Crayon Box.  Since I have so enjoyed planning what to do with all of my lovely Kate Spain charms and since I am a new Kaffe Fassett fabric lover, I was super stoked this week to run across the Kaffe Fassett Charm Swap being held over by Stephanie at the Quarter Incher.  If you are interested you can find the rules and/or signup here.

I did make a  paper piece block this week though.  I couldn't resist.  I get addicted and have to see the next one in a series made and this week that meant Thumbelina came to life in a block.  The pattern is one in the Happily Ever After collection by Kristy from Quiet Play.

Thumbelina is a story I am seriously not too---if at all familiar with---from my childhood.  But I love this girl daydreaming under the toadstool. I wonder if she's daydreaming about what block she is making next...probably not but I am...think it will be Kristy's Jack in the beanstalk.

Keep Stitchin'

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Giveaway Winner Announced !!!

Thanks to the Sew Mama Sew Day Week Giveaway this has been a fun week looking at what all my new and seasoned followers and new friends are busy doing.  Your comments were very much enjoyed and I wish I could have found the time to chat with all of you.  I would like to share what I gathered from all of you throughout the week.  Most importantly, I am not the only crazy one with too many projects in the works.  I also am very impressed with each of you who only work one or two projects and see them to completion!!!  You have my envy and awe.  Unfortunately, I love starting projects more than finishing them and the proof is in the numbers.  I will also, share in this post what the majority of my projects ---WIPs and UFOs included are.

First off here's a little info I gathered from all your comments this week from your 253 comments:

Number of Projects per person:

1 to 2

3 to 5

6 to 9


Too Many

Number of People:






I am somewhere between 10+ to too many.  For now I will claim 10+.  Some of you clearly said too many.  However anyone with 20 or more was also put in the too many category, also.  Sorry but that's how I see it... just rest assured I am closely right there with you...OK.. OK after counting how many I have included in this post it is 21 plus 3  I can't find pictures for and didn't remember to photograph today.  That is officially too many for me, too.  As you can see the majority of you---74 of you--- have a nice 3 to 5 projects going on.  Good job!!! 
I am including a picture of most of my works in progress in this post. I say mostly because I know I have the three flimsies previously mentioned that are not included in the following pictures here.  But I did blog about them here sometime but I cannot find them to share with you...sorry about that. Yes, it will be a lengthy post but I thought a lot of my followers and especially my new followers would enjoy a better accounting of what I am up to over here and let's face it...I need reminding of all these projects needing my attention too. 

However,  I know each of you has an even bigger yearning to know who won so I will let you know now and if you want to read the rest of the post great if not I understand you have your own list of to do's to work through, especially now that you've just shared with me what you are busy doing. So without further ado Mr   Random chose comment number 233... as the lucky winner!!!

Congratulations to Joan H who said, " I have a baby quilt and and full size quilt in progress. "
Joan, I look forward to hearing from you soon ---I have emailed you---so I can get your 411 so I can get your package out to you and on it's way to your house ASAP. Congrats again on your win!!

Here's what I currently have on my present and forgotten agenda:

Mixer bowl from Kristy at Quiet Play's Sew Kitschy BOM
May had us adding this block to our retro themed kitchen blocks.

This is a picture of the five of them made so far this year

Plus I have been keeping up so far with Janeen's In the Garden BOM from Quilt Art Designs.  This month we added a Fish Fountain to the garden.  Here is how it turned out.

I've been using low volume for the background and really like how this one is turning out.  Janeen's patterns are fabulous.  Each of these BOM's offer the pattern for free the month they come out and you can find them for a small fee on their craftsy pages or thru their websites.

This one has had seven blocks so far.  I love how the low volume background really does sink into the background and the objects bright colors are the stars of the stage.

This is the Little Tree being added to the BOM project from Cindy's Quilt Doodle Designs this month.  And pic of what I've made so far this year following her patterns each month. Each of these ladies has a flickr group and it is so fun seeing what others do with the same pattern each month.

Here is what the year has had us making in the first 5 month's of her BOM for 2014
Portland Modern Quilt Guild Medallion top.  We each started with a center medallion of our choosing and add a row each month.  May's addition is not on here yet...

these are a collection of Michael Miller fabrics that we are suppose to convert into any quilted project by June 23rd in the 2014 MQG fabric Challenge. Would love to find time for this.  Have an idea in mind just need to get it going.

The fairy tale blocks are from Kristy at Quiet Play.  She has them for sale on her Craftsy site as a set of nine blocks---Happily Ever After Pattern Set-- that I hope to turn into a baby quilt this year.

These are 10 projects in various stages that need a little of my time and love

     Dress pattern I picked up recently and some beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabric to go with it
These charms I have big plans for.  I got these in a Kate Spain charm swap that I participated in a couple times and each time grabbed two spots.  They are 224 of these beauties.  One set will end up in a hexagon quilt, and I will also make a handbag from this pattern I bought recently at a quilt show.  plus I think they will be in three additional quilt least two plus the hexagon quilt but I am hoping for three. 
I have been participating in the scrappy trip block swap that Julie from 627 Handworks puts together each quarter and these are the lovely blocks I have received so far.  Round 5 is just beginning but if you are interested Round 6 sign ups begin July 1st.  I am having brown, green and blue as my color choices.  Since this is a scrappy trip quilt top so that is all the direction I have given the group each time.  I love the darker values but am glad the lighter values are there,too and have complete faith that this will be a beauty when it is done.  You can sign up for as little or as much of these as you want and each round are partnered up with 5 other people and each of them requests a block in their color choices and they each make you one in yours.  It is fun getting them from all over the globe.
Plus I have the Bertie's Year of Mini quilts that I have only made the January one so far the others are just piling up...YIKES.  My Skillbuilder 2013 blocks still needs to be quilted and sewn together, also...almost forgot about that one...It will be a beauty one day!   I hope all of you can remember and find time in the days ahead for forgotten projects.
So there you have it a pretty good accounting of what I am up to at present over here.  I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your present shenanigans this week and wish you all the best in seeing your projects through to completion but obviously won't be judging you for starting a fun new adventure along the path of sewing bliss you are set upon!!!

Thanks to all who participated in this May's Sew Mama Sew giveaway!  I look forward to doing it all again in December.

Till then Keep Stitchin' and drop in for a visit anytime

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are as excited about the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway linky party as I am! 

I have been pondering for a while what to give away for this event and I hope you will love what I have chosen as much as I do.  I picked up a 1/2 yd of Kokka Japan cotton at a recent local quilt show.
I love the little red riding hood and big bad wolf on it.  I also am adding a 17"xWOF piece of Westminister Carrie fabric and a new copy of a quilt magazine I recently flipped over.  It is issue six of  Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine published in the UK.  I rarely pick up quilt magazines, finding that I can get all the inspiration I need from fellow bloggers.  The reason I find this magazine so inspirational is it is stock full of straight from blogger projects!!!  Some I have already been following and some I am sure to check out regularly from now on.  Best part I swear there is not one project in the magazine that I wouldn't love to make!!!  Plus this issue has a free packet of quilt labels included with it for all those projects that you need to add a label to.

To enter my giveaway...

1.   leave a comment answering this question---How may current projects are you working on???

2.   old and new followers can leave a second entry comment---Just let me know how you follow

This giveaway is open to everyone ( yes I will gladly ship internationally) and will close May 17th 8 pm PST.  I will post the winner on my blog and email the winner---please be sure I can contact you should you win.  If you are not sure if you are a no reply blogger please leave your email in your comment.  Winner will be chosen at random by a random number generator.

Good Luck Everyone!!!

(Due to the high volume of comments during a giveaway --- I may not be able to answer every comment --- as I normally do.  Thanks for your understanding :)

Be sure to check out all the other blog giveaways at Sew Mama Sew here

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Graduation Weekend

This weekend, Mother's Day took second fiddle and that was ok with me.  For us, the big deal this weekend was all about celebrating with our youngest daughter as she graduated from WSU with a Bachelor of Art and Sciences Degree in Anthropology.  We arrived on campus to find she didn't have her room totally packed, but even that couldn't dampen the pride we had in our daughter. Neither my husband or I, graduated from college.  In fact, on both of our sides, this was a first college graduate in our direct family ancestry.  On Friday, we visited all the places we had come to love over the past year in the local community of Pullman and Moscow.  Friday was all about stocking up on memories of the area that we would miss.  The Breakfast Club, one of our favorite eateries in Moscow, Idaho, then Stitches and Petals( a local quilt shop) which was having a shop hop and had just moved to a new location so it was great to see the new digs and pick up some more Kaffe Fassett fabric and a great new pattern for a dress for the grand-daughters.  Tri-State outfitters for new shoes was a must and no stop to Idaho is complete without a visit to the liquor store as the state taxes are so much lower than Washington's that we can't resist stocking up. 

Once, we got back to the dorm it was time to pack it up and then we headed out around campus to take pictures of Ashley in her cap and gown.

On the side of her dorm

time to share a giggle with the bookie
had to snap a picture of my favorite bird in the area
---love that long tail---

we fell in love with this mommy squirrel
even braved a quick pic with her until she seemed to get a little nervous
a little visit to the practice field

a moment to savor the beauty on campus

and then her dad and her let me know they had enough 
We shared one last dinner at Birch and Barley, shopping for new pants for graduation
and we were officially ready for the big commencement ceremony on Saturday.

They held three ceremonies on Saturday, and ours was the middle one.  The president of the campus gave a wonderful speech on the leap of faith these students embarked on and the leap of faith ahead of them as they journey into the world with their degrees.  He said that these students with baccalaureate degree had accomplished something 70% of Americans haven't, a Master's is something 85% of Americans haven't achieved and a Doctorate is something 99% of Americans never achieve.  Wow, kicked up the pride factor even higher!  Ashley's geology professor called her a "Rock Star"
and her mom and dad couldn't agree with him more.

A Bachelor's Degree in hand and a huge achievement
---A world of possibilities lays before her---
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