Sunday, May 17, 2015

My green RSC block for May 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for the month of May was green.  I have a lot of greens but didn't want to use my darkest ones as they didn't seem to fir in with the rest of what I've done this year so I opted for all my lighter green scraps.  It produced a block quite similar to the yellow one but I tink it will be a great addition to the quilt I will just have to keep them away from each other in the final layout I think.

Which brings the total to five blocks and they look like this together.

I do like the darker values the best so maybe the darker greens would be amazing in this quilt top after all.  I also love seeing all the secondary patterns that show up when you place them all together!
Maybe I will find the blocks will need to be done in both light and dark values to help the over all quilt move from a dark side to a light side?  I'm thinking by the time I have nine of these done I will have a better idea if I will be needing to make extra of certain colors.
Keep Stitchin'
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