Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bring on the treats
Thank you to everyone that has stopped by this week and left some great comments!!!  I have so enjoyed reading them all and thank you to all the new followers!!!  This has been a very fun and wicked blog hop, indeed.  A big round of applause to all our fellow bloggers who have shared their WICKED talents with us this past week and a half, also.

 Mr Random generator has chosen number 102  as the giveaway winner!!! Congratulations to Pat !!!

I will be emailing you shortly to get your snail mail info so I can get your goodie package out in the mail to you. OOPS...

Oops!!!  Pat is a no reply blogger.  I don't know if she knew this and I did not state in my WICKED post that you had to not be a no reply blogger. Pat is also a new follower and I am going to hope she is going to see this post and try to get a hold of me. I am going to give her until Monday morning to claim her prize. If I don't hear from her by then I will let Mr Random choose a new winner. However, I truly hope Pat will contact me. Pat you can either leave a new post that includes an email so I can contact you to get your info, so I can get your charm packs and pincushion in the mail to you or I believe you can email me directly by going to my profile page. You can get there by clicking on the 'Kathy' in the About me area on the right side of the blog or the view my complete profile area.

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Freaky Friday and my Wicked Wacko

When Wendy announced her 'WICKED' blog hop I knew I needed in on this action.  A BIG thank you to Wendy from Why-Knot Kwilt and Madam Samm for organizing this hop, cheering us on and letting me put my 'WICKED' thoughts to good use.

I first thought of designing some witch legs and shoes, but about the time I was going to put something together the Embassy in Libya was stormed and our American Ambassador was killed along with three other Americans.  My mom, worked overseas in our Embassies for 10 years before retiring recently so this didn't sit well with me.  Sorry to get political there for a moment...must be that time of year... but is there anything more wicked than terrorism in this world?   Even though the assignment was wicked fun not wicked evil I did have wicked good fun designing these blocks.  In fact I had a blast making my little buddy...well maybe not his feet.... Anyway the attack got me thinking about Jeff Dunham and his comedy act featuring                "Achmed the Dead Terrorist".  Now there was an idea I could wrap my head around...just not in a turban.  If you are not familiar with Achmed and Jeff Dunham , you can check out their comedy routine by following the link below.

Here is the block I made for Achmed the Dead Terrorist:

You know Achmed needed those out of control eyebrows and...

Of course, he needed a body and ....

 some sexy legs:

put him altogether and I have to say Achmed looks pretty 'WICKED'
I put the three 10 1/2 " blocks together and added a border to complete it like this.

I thought he might look good with a few bars... but he is on the wrong side of them...hee hee hee

 A huge thanks to Wendy again for allowing me to participate in this hop and stirring up my creative juices. This is the first blog hop I've participated in and it has been a blast!  Be sure to check out today's other spooktacular surprises  from our wicked quilting friends from the list below:

Frightful Friday,
October 26th


For sticking with me through this long post and checking out my humble blog, of course , I am going to offer up something special.  I know it might be considered a little late to giveaway Halloween fabric but who can pass the chance to add Moda's Monster Bash 5" charm pack to their collection

and just so you have something to want to use immediately---how about throwing in a
Moda  JOY 5" charm pack by Kate Spain , too.

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment telling me if you think Achmed would make a better wall hanging or a table runner.  For a second chance to win, be a follower and leave a second comment telling me you are.  If one of my followers is the lucky pick by Mr Random I will throw in this adorable paper pieced pumpkin pincushion as a bonus and a thank you for following me, I LOVE my followers and want them to feel the love!!!   This giveaway is open to all my international followers, too.  I will leave the giveaway open till the bewitching hour of 9pm PST Halloween Oct 31st

Hope you have a WICKED


Monday, October 22, 2012

     Sneak Peek of Sharon's See Saw Block

I have to share with you how Sharon's project looked when it left here earlier this month.  Sharon got a new job recently and has been working long hours and it looks like she hasn't had time to reveal her Swap creation yet.  I figured you might be dying to see it so I am posting what it looked like when it left here a few weeks ago. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm transparent...I am dying to share it, too.   I'm not sure if she's added a finish to it yet or not.  Hope you enjoy getting a sneak peek at it.  I had a great time working on this beauty. 

Keep Stitchin'

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween See Saw Swap Reveal

Today is my big reveal day for the see saw swap.  It has been a great learning process for both my partner, Sharon, and myself.   We participated in the swap that Michele from Quilts From My Crayon Box  put together this year.  Thank you to Michele for hosting the swap and hooking Sharon and I up.  Sharon and I swapped the block back and forth each month from April to October and it was a great growing experience for us.  Each month you have a plan for your block, and when you get it back from your partner, you have to re-think your next move.  Talk about a monthly challenge.  I am sure I did the same thing to Sharon. It was also great to see it change and marvel at what was added each month.  Sharon whose blog is at            Sewn Seabee's Crafty and Vintage Musing loves wonky and hoochy and story quilting and added elements to my wall hanging I would never have dreamed fit in and it LOOKS GREAT.  You can check out her project at the link above when she reveals her project .  She added the folk house at the top and I love how it looks like the house in the distance that the scarecrows belong to.  She also added all the candy and trick or treat border on the outside so I couldn't help myself and added the Trick or Treat signs on it to go with the theme.  I love how I could never have dreamed of this quilt alone and yet the two of us were able to work together and create such a unique piece that I will treasure for years.  Thanks Sharon!!!  My daughters are already fighting over who will inherit this beauty. They will have to wait many years while I enjoy it in my home.  Thanks again!!!

 Today is the start of the Wicked Blog Hop!!!  Thanks to Madame Samm and Our hostess Wicked Wendy from Why Knot Kwilt.  Be sure to come back here this Friday to check out my Wicked Project that has kept me busy this month.  You won't want to miss it or my giveaway at the end of it.  In the meantime be sure to check out what all the other  Wicked participant's have been up to.  Click on the link to get the schedule for the week ahead.  Let the fun begin!!!   Enjoy

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Beautiful Fall Day in Seattle

A couple of weeks ago we traveled north to spend the day taking in the King Tut exhibit in Seattle at the Pacific Science Center.  It was one of those gorgeous sunny Fall days and we had a memorable trip.  My daughter is an Anthropology  major in her Junior year and begged to see the exhibit.  I had seen it when it was there in 1978 but I was just a teenager then and thought it would be great to see again.  Of course they brought some different pieces this time.  None of which I can show you because they allowed no photography of the exhibit.  I can tell you they had a stone toilet seat there that I am sure I would have remembered had it been there 30+ years ago.  Missing was the sarcophagus that I remember from then but there was a small canopic jar that held his stomach, one of a set of four of these jars that held his vital organs and it was beautiful---and yes --empty.  While I think most of the items were not King Tut related but rather just period related to the other Pharaohs of the Valley of the Kings ---  many were from King Tut's tomb and  it was amazing seeing all these pieces in front of us that are from around 1332 BC --- over three thousand three hundred some years ago.
We ditched the Space Needle and instead headed to the waterfront.  What a great area and we enjoyed exploring the piers and had a great lunch at Ivars.  The last time my husband and I had been to the Seattle waterfront and lunched at Ivars, I was 6 months pregnant with our oldest daughter.  She just celebrated her 25th birthday this month.

At least the long car ride was another chance to get some hand sewing done.  I got another Garden Step block done.

and I put some hexagons blocks together that I got from the traveling stash box I won recently.  There are soo cute! Not exactly together together but obviously they aren't exactly color coordinated for that.

and of course we saw this guy at the "Ye Olde Curiousity Shop" at Pier 54 and I must say something about him reminded me of the fast approaching deadline for the Wicked Blog Hop coming soon...hint...hint ;)

Hugs and Keep Stitchin'

Thursday, October 11, 2012

  Traveling Stash Winner!!!
Join me in congratulating Foolish Feathers in winning the stash box.  The random number generator chose number '4'.  I tried to grab it to post but when I went to the clipboard to retrieve it it was not there and was gone when I came back, so unfortunatly you will have to take my word for it.  Anybody want to tell me how it's done???

She posted,

  This is such a fun stash box! My favorite part of fall is the cooling of the weather (I moved from Alaska to Texas, so you can imagine). I also love how everyone in the neighborhood comes out of hibernation and are very active"

I will be mailing it to her as soon as I get her snail mail address and since it is priority mail it will be in texas in no time.  I had fun reading all your favorite Fall things. Thanks

Congratulations Foolish Feathers 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Pincushion
Just a quick little sharing of one of my latest projects.  I found this pattern in the Winter 2012 edition of Simple Quilts and Sewing magazine on stands now.  This magazine is chocked full of great patterns and projects that would make great Christmas gifts.  This obviously not so great for Christmas but I just made one for my Halloween See Saw Swap partner and plan on making more of them.  It turned out so cute.
            This picture is not the best but you can see how cute he is.

This magazine is definitely worth picking up and seeing if it has anything you might be interested in.  See the little owl pincushions on the cover? You know I will have to make some of them, too. I've been busy with my Wicked Blog Hop project so be sure to come back October 26th to see what has kept me sew busy this month.  It is truly WICKED.
Keep Stitchin'

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Traveling Stash Giveaway!!!

I'm sure some of you have heard by now that I won traveling stash box #5 from Marci at Marci Girl Designs recently.  If you don't know the traveling stash boxes are fabric and goodies that travel around the US and are kept track of by Cherise at Sewingly Along, she does a fantastic job and you can always see where the boxes are by visiting her blog.  When you are the lucky recipient you can keep anything you want out of the box, as long as you replace what you take with like items.  What a great idea, huh???

Here it what was in the box when I received it:

These were in the box along with all of this, too

These were in the box when I received it
Wow, talk about a lot of options to choose from.
Here is what I decided to keep for myself:

I am super excited about the hexagons. Can't wait to use these.  The button covers will become cherries for a quilt I'm working on. Thanks Marci!!! I love the books so I kept those and added two different ones back in.  I also love the two inch squares, can't wait to see what I can create with them. There are a lot of cute cuts in there.  Bet you're excited to see what is in the box now.  These next pictures show what I added back in. Although to get it to all fit I had to take the multi-color striped fabric that is in the upper right hand corner of the third picture from the top on this post.

Here is a better look at what I added in for you to choose from:

              I added also added some snaps, sewing machine needles and some fusible tape not in these pix.
The lower set are all fat quarters. The upper set has a mixture of 1/2 yard cuts and fat quarters.  This box is once again jammed full and ready to visit one lucky lady or guy. If you want a chance to win this box there are a few rules you must follow in order to enter.
    • Be an active Blogger.  Post about receiving the box and the giveaway on your blog in a timely manner.
    • There is a note in the box that logs where the box has been.  Please add your info and place the note back in the box.
    • There is a list of Rules and Guidelines in the box.  Please read and follow these and return the list to the box.
    • You may take anything you like from the box.  Just replace each item with a comparable quilt shop quality item eaqual to the amount taken.
    • Ship the box to the next person in a reasonable amount of time.
    • Due to the amount of shipping costs it is only open to residents within the USA
Please leave a comment here for a chance to win, one comment per person. In your comment maybe you can let me know what your favorite thing about fall is.  I will leave the comments open until Thursday night, October 11th...8pm PST. Hopefully Mr. Random will help me choose a winner shortly thereafter and I will contact the lucky winner.  If you are a no-reply blogger please post your email address in your comment or you will be disqualified. Sorry but I need a way to contact you and get your 4.1.1 should you win.

Good Luck!!!

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