Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bear Quilt Progress
Been working on my quilt for my bed. I think I shared before I seem to always be making a quilt for someone else but it's time I made one for me to keep and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I've been working on it between miscellaneous other projects and am making some progress.  I thought I would share how it is coming along.  These blocks are a combination of traditional quilting and paper piecing.  I really like how the  paper piecing helps keep the block so straight.  It is so easy to stretch the fabric on the bias when constructing blocks from triangles and paper piecing  eliminates that stretch.  I had to eliminate a couple of the blocks I made because they just didn't work with the colorway.  I hate when I really like the way a block turned out and my husband points out how the yellow looks so orange compared to the other fabrics.  Thanks hunny.  I hate to say it but he was right.  So all that work had to go down in flames.  Another block was too green orientated and when I made it in reverse I thought it was too gold so I added the bear to the center and now it is one of my favs.  Definitely was worth the redo.  Wouldn't you agree?  Here is a picture of what I have so far.  The blocks finish at 16 and a half inches square. I need 16 of them and have 11 done so far.  The center will be a 48 and a half inch square comprised of a bear panel and a couple rows of paper pieced trees framing it.  You'll notice the bear paw block has a smaller green border.  That is not a mistake but what the pattern calls for.  The same block will be repeated on the top and bottom to even the look out.
There are really only eleven blocks done but the mosaic insisted I have twelve so one is a dupe. 
 I should have made another block before posting but fresh picked blackberries and vanilla ice cream were calling my name.

This is the one I knew didn't fit in so I didn't even bother to add the outside green border:

Can you find the one it is the same pattern as?   It is the same as the one on the bottom row, third one in. Isn't it amazing how much better it looks with the colors are reversed and the bear is in the middle.  It is sooo superior with the bears in the center of the block. This next one is the one hubby was right was too orangish looking compared to the other golds.
Nice block when viewed alone but just a little too much over the top bright when viewed with the rest of the blocks.  I was hoping to get some polariod pictures done today but the Olympics are drawing me in.  My daughter is spending the week with her grandma so I should have plenty of me time this week to knock them out.
Keep stitchin'

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Picture-Perfect Polaroid Swap Anybody???
I'm joining in the fun over at A Quilter's Table that Debbie is hosting making picture-perfect Polaroid blocks to swap with our fellow online quilters.  They look very easy to make and can't wait to see the variety of snap shots I receive back.  You can check out her swap details here or click on the button I've added on my side bar. You can find the pattern and a great tutorial on how to make the blocks at capitolaquilter.  Do you wanna join in the fun?  You have until August 15th to get your blocks in the mail to Debbie.  I'm off to see what I can find in my stash for my snap shots.
Keep Stitchin'

Thursday, July 12, 2012

  Quilt Names
What's in a name???  I have made quite a lot of quilts and have only named one.  Why is it when I go to think of a name for my quilt my mind draws a big blank? All I see are the beautiful fabrics and the love I've put into this beautiful creation but a name for it is never easy ( in fact down right painful so I skip it). All that comes to mind for the following quilt is Zigzag Boats...not very creative huh?  Anyone out there want to help me give this quilt a name?  If so please just leave a suggestion in my comments and I'll at least have more of a clue than I have now.  It is for my great-great nephew that is three days overdue. So pressures on to get this done and on it's way to him.  All I need to do is wash it with a color catcher and put a quilt label on it...sure would be nice if it had a name.
If you can help me out, I sure would appreciate it. I'll show you the back when I get the quilt label created and put on the back.  In the meantime I've started a new top.  I am making it for a raffle event my work is having to raise money for our company Christmas party.  Every other week each department is putting something up to raffle off and the winner is chosen on Wednesdays.  So far they started off with 24 egg rolls which raised $68.00, then a movie basket which raised $86.00, this week was a 6hr-3 winery bus tour for two for a net profit of 126.00. So far they've earned $280.  My quilt will be in anchor position on October 17th. I'm going to add a couple more borders. One of which will be about 4 or 5 inches wide and I will have all the employees sign it the week before the raffle.  It's off to a great start...check it out
I tried to create wonky star blocks but had difficulty so I used this pattern from the Quilter's Cache called the uneven star.  It is paper pieced and I think the black/white and white/black print are striking with the bright colored stars. You can get a copy of the pattern here
Keep stitchin'

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Garden Step Blocks Progress

    I finished my first three garden step blocks.  I'm a little rusty at embroidery.  I haven't done any in ages but it didn't turn out too bad. I did a little stem stitch and some split stitch on this one. I seem to like how the ones I see being done now days are just a basic backstitch (or so my complete guide to needlework book from Reader's Digest) tells me.  My daughter picked it up at a garage sale a while ago and it has a lot of info in it.  Each block I'm sure I'll do a little better at and master a new stitch.  It took me a couple of long car rides to complete.  Good thing camping season is upon us, I can take these little portable hand projects with me. My husband says the generator won't run my sewing machine and he thinks I'm nuts for even considering taking it with me but I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to take it with me.  I went to a quilt show in April where one of the quilt tags said the owner made it while on a camping trip.  I also met a lady on the shop hop that says she takes hers camping. Oh well, I'll be able to work on these this year. I have twelve of them to do and hope to get out camping this weekend.  It is finally suppose to get warm here this weekend and it is sooo much cooler at the cabin in the hills...or is that sew much cooler? I found this pattern and the embroidery pattern over at Clover and Violet.  You can check them out here.  
The next one I finished I only did the backstitch in it and really like how it turned out. I am really making these out of my current stash so they are very scrappy but I like how the embroidery is utilizing the colors from each block.
The third one, I love the colors and added a new stitch (for me) called the basic chain stitch.  I really like how it makes the stitch wider so it adds so much more color to the basket.
Here is a picture of the chain stitch instructions. It is the illustration on top.  The lazy daisy chain stitch is what the yellow teardrop stitch is called.  It is the second illustration. I didn't make it camping this weekend due to a family commitment that came up but it did involve a long car ride so I got block four done and will share it shortly. It is the one with the dragonfly. If you go to the website that I have linked above you will see I am probably doing them way out of order.  I am just lucky to be getting any of them done and making a little progress.

So far there are ten of them available to work on.  I can't keep up.
 But in the mean time, you know I'll keep stitchin' --- you do the same

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cabela Quilt Treasure
Who knew that when my husband wanted to end the quilt shop hop with a stop to Cabela's I would find a quilting treasure there?  Look at the bargain I got.  This sweater was on clearance.  Original price was $39.99 marked down to $16.99 and clearance bargained at $3.99. WOW... It also matched some of the fabric I had bought earlier in the day at one of the shops and looks a lot like the first block I have finished from the shop hop patterns.

I'll enjoy it this winter but for know I'll just take pleasure in the great price I paid..hee hee
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