Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SKillbuilder Progress

I have to tell you the April blocks for the Skillbuilder have been kicking my bootie.  I finally got the chev hexie block done and it feels great that I can check it off my list!!!  I have done a few hexies before but never more than putting 7 of them together into a flower.  Putting these together in rows and then sewing the rows together was never on my bucket list for a reason.  It really bites.  I have even more appreciation for all the huge hexie projects that people create.  How do you ever do it???  

Alyssa of Pile 'O Fabric taught a new method and since this is a skillbuilder I was up for trying it her way.  She uses a special applique product for the foundation and had us glue the fabric to it.  The applique foundation will stay in the block permanently and will wash nicely according to Alyssa.  I found that sewing the hexies together was more difficult for me.  She told us not to glue too close to the edge but I found working with a glue stick it was impossible not to get close to the edges.  It made it harder to stitch and the edge of the hexie and my project ended up looking like a bunch of craters sewn together for some reason. All the sides were higher than the centers of the hexies and I thought my God this thing will never lay flat before it is FMQ'd.  I should have taken a pic to show how weird it looked but didn't.  I was so frustrated with the whole thing...but relieved it was DONE.

I took it to the iron and remembered Alyssa like starch and I figured more was better in this case and let it rip.  Guess what it laid flat like it was suppose to and hasn't moved since!!!

What a sight to behold

And it finished off into a block very sweetly

Now I have to get started on the Carat block and hope it goes smoother.  I hope I can it done in a month.  That is how long it took me to complete the Chev Hexie. 
Here are the colors I have chosen to use for the diamond carat.

Luckily the blocks for May are right up my alley since paper piecing is my niche and I have made quick work of the first block called the Geo Swirl.  Below is my completed Geo Swirl.


If you are interested in learning more about Alyssa's methods or the Skillbuilder lessons you can click on the button on my sidebar to check out the Pile 'O Fabric Skillbuilder for 2013.

Keep Stitchin'

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