Monday, September 2, 2013

And Sew On...

And sew on...seems to be the story of my life right now as I continue to try and catch up.  I did get my July rotary cutter And Sew On block done.  My rotary cutter certainly gets a good workout so it is only right to feature it in one of the blocks.  I am glad that Kristy found just the way to do that in one of the patterns.

With little time to spare, I got back to work on my word quilt for Brayden and completed the top.  I got it all pin basted and hope to be able to FMQ it this week so it will be done for Brayden's arrival on Saturday.  He just has to keep cooking in the oven a little while longer so nana can 'Get er Done'. 

For the most part, I think I will just be following the grid when quilting it so it should be rather easy to quilt.
That's the plan anyway.

In doing a little blog reading this weekend , I saw that Sharon over at Lilabelle Lane is asking for help to make an eye spy meets polaroid quilt for a special little boy who is going through some tough medical issues right now.  I told her I would make a couple of these blocks and get them off to her but they are so additive I made four.  Oh, well I am sending them all and if she gets too many she can decide what else to do with them. I just need to pick up a postcard to send with it so Blake and his family can see where they came from and pop them in the mail so they can travel half way around the world to reach Sharon and become part her little love gift to this little guy to warm his heart and bring a smile to him with all of our good wishes.

I made the Gorilla, which turned out super cute, an Elephant, monkeys---just too fun to resist, and then I saw the deer and thought it was perfect since these blocks are being sent to Blake with love from the Pacific Northwest.
Keep Stitchin'

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