Sunday, May 17, 2015

My green RSC block for May 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for the month of May was green.  I have a lot of greens but didn't want to use my darkest ones as they didn't seem to fir in with the rest of what I've done this year so I opted for all my lighter green scraps.  It produced a block quite similar to the yellow one but I tink it will be a great addition to the quilt I will just have to keep them away from each other in the final layout I think.

Which brings the total to five blocks and they look like this together.

I do like the darker values the best so maybe the darker greens would be amazing in this quilt top after all.  I also love seeing all the secondary patterns that show up when you place them all together!
Maybe I will find the blocks will need to be done in both light and dark values to help the over all quilt move from a dark side to a light side?  I'm thinking by the time I have nine of these done I will have a better idea if I will be needing to make extra of certain colors.
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  1. love your choices and think the green is just right!

  2. The secondary patterns are terrific. I love seeing what turns up when blocks are set next to each other. Sometimes there are real surprises!
    I'm a big fan of dark green, so I'd say try out a darker block. If it doesn't work, you can always use it for a pillow top. Or the start of a whole 'nother quilt!

  3. wow wow wow
    The secondary patterns are emerging and you're right about the tones... they are all working now. Very dramatically. LeeAnna

  4. My dark greens don't seem to play well with the blocks I've made in the other colors so far this year too. They need to be used up though, so I'm trying my best to do that. I'm ready for lighter, brighter greens however! Love your blocks. :- )

  5. Very nice! I love the block, and they all look great together.

  6. Very, very nice. I love how it's all coming together and really like that block pattern.

  7. I am sure that darker green would be lovely as week, but the lights do sparkle.

  8. The colours just pop, pop, pop. The blocks do create a lovely secondary pattern. Great job!

  9. Love those colors and those blocks!


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