Thursday, July 12, 2012

  Quilt Names
What's in a name???  I have made quite a lot of quilts and have only named one.  Why is it when I go to think of a name for my quilt my mind draws a big blank? All I see are the beautiful fabrics and the love I've put into this beautiful creation but a name for it is never easy ( in fact down right painful so I skip it). All that comes to mind for the following quilt is Zigzag Boats...not very creative huh?  Anyone out there want to help me give this quilt a name?  If so please just leave a suggestion in my comments and I'll at least have more of a clue than I have now.  It is for my great-great nephew that is three days overdue. So pressures on to get this done and on it's way to him.  All I need to do is wash it with a color catcher and put a quilt label on it...sure would be nice if it had a name.
If you can help me out, I sure would appreciate it. I'll show you the back when I get the quilt label created and put on the back.  In the meantime I've started a new top.  I am making it for a raffle event my work is having to raise money for our company Christmas party.  Every other week each department is putting something up to raffle off and the winner is chosen on Wednesdays.  So far they started off with 24 egg rolls which raised $68.00, then a movie basket which raised $86.00, this week was a 6hr-3 winery bus tour for two for a net profit of 126.00. So far they've earned $280.  My quilt will be in anchor position on October 17th. I'm going to add a couple more borders. One of which will be about 4 or 5 inches wide and I will have all the employees sign it the week before the raffle.  It's off to a great start...check it out
I tried to create wonky star blocks but had difficulty so I used this pattern from the Quilter's Cache called the uneven star.  It is paper pieced and I think the black/white and white/black print are striking with the bright colored stars. You can get a copy of the pattern here
Keep stitchin'


  1. The only name that comes to mind is "Sailing On (or Across) the Waves". The zigzags look like waves to me. And the raffle quilt looks terrific so far.

  2. That is a gorgeous quilt! I'm hopeless at naming my quilts too! Chevrons by the Sea? I don't know - like I said I'm dreadful at that part!! It is a really fab quilt!

    Loving your raffle quilt too - so bright and cheery!

  3. Beautiful quilts and love the way the stars just pop! I'm not good at names either!


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