Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Stitch in Time

I don't know where June went.  I actually got most of my June blocks done weeks ago but have been so busy with lots of other things that now it is dawning on me I haven't shared all the progress on here. 

First up was my Quilt Doodle Doodle 2013 BOM block.  I love how quickly I can whip these out and love how dramatic they look in my chosen colors. I did share this one and if you missed it you can find it here .
You can also see the Lemoyne Star that I made for the Craftsy 2013 BOM quilt  at the above link. 

What I forgot to share was my Quiet Play And Sew On block --- A Stitch In Time.  It turned out fabulous.  I love what the colors I worked with did to the way they all look together so far.  I really had trouble picking fabrics for this one.  I actually decided instead of creating this block as a stand alone block like I usually do ... that I would instead throw all the previous blocks together on the floor and pick colors based on what was needed to complement the collection.  Here is what I decided on.

I have yet to take pictures of my Castle blocks.  I got the three for June done and promise to share them soon.  I can't wait for the July block for the Castles.  You can find the past patterns for the Castle BOM at Ula Lenz's website.  I love her sharing this project with us as it is going to be gorgeous when done.  I would love to make ten more of these because each one is so different based on my fabric choices that it would be fun to make many more. I am crazy but probably not that crazy. Three different ones is ambitious enough for me right now.  I love making each one a different theme and I could go on and on with more themes...Wouldn't it be great to have a Christmassy winter one???   Hmmm....Maybe next year.

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