Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Campus Visit

A couple weeks ago my youngest daughter, a college student, announced she is wanting to attend WSU in Pullman this coming year. She has been attending a satellite campus of theirs close to home.  This will be her Senior year and if she continued here in town it would take her a year and a half to get all the required classes, at the larger University she can get her Bachelor's degree and graduate in May 2014. Makes sense but a lot has to be done in a short time frame to make this happen so while waiting for paperwork being processed to confirm her transfer, we decided to visit campus this last weekend to get a feel for the place.  It is across state from us and takes slightly over 6 hours by car to get there.

The campus is simply beautiful and we had it almost to ourselves throughout our discovery time there.  It was founded in 1890, probably pretty modern by some standards but quite ancient by West Coast standards.  I'm sure it has been added to many times throughout the years and is still in a state of growth. Most buildings were closed for the weekend, but the Student recreation center was open and it was state of the art modern and top notch.  Pool, indoor track, racquet ball, all kinds of exercise equipment, even pool tables and ping pong.  I'm sure every student hopes to have many free hours to spend there.  Ashley will certainly try to make the most of the building that is for certain.

Eastern Washington is known for warm summers and cold winters but my daughter adores snow and says bring it on.  The campus would be beautiful covered in snow.  This weekend it was a very warm 88 degrees.
I know it will even hotter when we move her there in August.

The dorm she would like to live in

 Ashley and her dad, Cary
I couldn't believe the football Stadium is mid campus

I, of course, took a shine to the hexagon pavers

Ashley posed near where her department and classes will be located. She will be transferring in as a Senior into the Anthropology Department and of course had to show us her Cougar Pride!!! Today her transfer was officially ok'd and in a couple weeks it will be Orientation weekend for her on campus.  Classes start August 19th so I am sure summer will be a whirlwind of activity for us all.  She started a field study digging at Fort Vancouver today and that will end the week before classes start in Pullman. Summer will be a busy rush to get everything in order and I am sure the time will fly by too fast.

While exploring campus was a lot of fun I was disappointed to learn that Pullman's quilt shop The Quilted Heart had closed up shop and was no longer at the address listed in the phone book.  Since all the nearby towns are small...those that had quilt shops were all closed on Sundays.  Next time will include a Monday visit so we can see more of the campus and I will have to look up a couple of the quilt shops that are close by...if I can get the DH to agree. I better start being extra sweet to him.


  1. looks a lovely location xx hope you find at least ONE shop open next time you go xx

  2. Fun! I am from Washington and had a lot of friends go to WSU! Good luck to her!


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