Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And Sew On Finishes

I took off a couple days from work to get things caught up.  I made sure my family didn't know so I could have uninterrupted time spent sewing.   I had three priorities on my to do list.

1.     2 Mug Rugs for my swap partner, Nanette

2.     Complete my And Sew On projects

3.     Cut all my 5"inch charms so I can get them shipped out

I didn't get to all my other things on my list but I did get these three things checked off and completed.

 Yeah  Me!!!

Most importantly was a couple of  items I was making out of my And Sew On blocks from the BOM that Kristy from Quiet Play has been doing the last 9 months.  She is having a linky party at the end of the month to share our completed projects and although I am a born procrastinator, I don't like to push my luck too far.   But more importantly, once again they were going into projects for ME and I wanted them done so I could start using them.  After all, this year is ALL ABOUT ME!!!  I have spent sew many years giving away the fruits of my labor and I am trying to make me a few things for me this year.  I originally had planned on making a mini wall hanging out of them to hang in my sewing studio.  I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for them to end up in but plans change.  I used eight of the nine blocks in a giant tote bag!  Not just any tote bag but one that will accompany me on many, many road trips!!!  I always pack a huge amount of stuff for a road trip because I am a very nervous passenger.  I like to have a ton of reading materials ( Quilt magazines being my favorite) and of course, I like to take my EPP hexagons because lets face it---I will need many, many road trips to get very far on this project. So far I have 11 hexagon flowers completed.  My lifetime project will have to be a small one.  Wink ;) Wink ;)

Front and back of my bag!

It measures a whooping 
17x18 inches
I cannibalized the tote handles from another bag I had for years. I am uber excited with the amount of stuff I can take along with me now and love that the bag will definitely be carrying all my sewing related stuff on my trips!

Do I hear you asking what about the one lonely block that didn't make the cut in the tote bag???
Well, it too had a happy ending.  It never really fit the color scheme of these blocks but as it was the block with the thread spools all over it I knew just what it was meant to end up as.  I made it into a thread catcher bag.  

I have needed one of these for a long time and found the pattern from All People Quilt HERE.  The original pattern was for a smaller version so I just adjusted the dimensions to use my 10 1/2 inch block.  Lets face it I will need the larger thread catcher because when I am paper piecing I will throw all the scrap from trimming the blocks in the sewing machine area into it and then will empty as needed.

I can't show you the  mug rugs I created for Nanette because I don't want my partner to see them before they arrive to her Down Under.  I will say I am thrilled with how they turned out and look forward to sharing them with you in the future.  For now I will just say they are themed around things I learned early on about my partner.  She has worked for years in the Fire Brigade fighting fires, although now she stays at the station and she loves fall colors and of course quilting.  I wrapped those three things into her mug rugs and hopefully she will love the resulting mug rugs.

A few weeks ago,  I joined the Kate Spain Charm Swap hosted by Michele over at Quilts from my Crayon Box and will need to mail them soon.  A couple of my fabrics took the scenic route to me ... shipping from Indiana then going to Honolulu before coming back to me in Washington.  I don't know why they thought I would be in Hawaii...I wish it were true but alas I had to wait for them to boomerang back to the states.
Michele was having trouble filling spots so I jumped at the chance to participate twice and had to wait for my second round of fabric to get it's tail on back here.  I must say I am looking forward to getting so many Kate Spain fabrics in return.  I can honestly say it will be the most fabric of any one designer I have ever owned.  I have a large stash but have never bought fabric by collections or designer.  As a paper piecer by preference, I am usually choosing fabrics by color or textures more than aesthetic value.  I must say, I do love Kate's fabrics though.  I think they lend themselves to paper piecing well.  Here are my contributions to the swap...ready to ship.

Now to add more things to my priority list and hoping to make more progress...


  1. having some "ME" time sounds good .. and you managed to get some finishes .. even better x have fun with your new fabric x.. and your bag of course x

  2. I was very surprised to see And Sew On block on the bag, but I love it, You´re so creative, it´ s better to use them this way instead of simply wall-hanging (what I´ve planned). Bye

  3. I love the tote. That looks fabulous! I'm glad you are doing some sewing for yourself finally.

  4. The tote did turn out great and I love what you did with the extra block.

  5. I bet you receive many compliments while you are traveling with that gorgeous tote. I love the quilting and how it turned out. The thread catcher is a great idea too. Kudos to you for your great ideas!

  6. The tote looks fabulous! And yay for making things just for you!

  7. Cool use for the blocks. Well done.

  8. What a beautiful tote bag and thread catcher! They are so pretty!


  9. Your tote looks beautiful- fab way to use the blocks!!

  10. oh wow, the bag is amazing! I love the idea of a thread catcher. I am so going to have to remake some of the blocks to turn in to stuff like this!

  11. Very clever turning your blocks into a bag! I love the colors you used!!

  12. Nice idea turning the blocks into a beautifully quilted bag! I know it's only straight-line quilting . . . but the lines are straight!! Love it!

  13. Wow I love your blocks and the bag you made from the. Great idea.


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