Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Fun

The last two weekends have brought unseasonably nice weather to the Pacific Northwest so we took full advantage of it.  The first weekend was dad's weekend at WSU so we took the long drive to visit a very grateful, homesick daughter at the WSU campus.  We took her out to lunch at the Breakfast Club in Moscow, Idaho.  My Favorite movie is 'The Breakfast Club' so I knew we had to eat here.  It closes at 2 pm so we had missed it during the previous visit but this time knew to go at an earlier time.  The food was fabulous! They are famous for their Zucchini Huckleberry bread and it was scumptious along with everything else we ordered. Plus they had a huge sign saying "Welcome WSU Dads" so it had to be kismet this time.  It was fun seeing all the other parents spending time with their college students, also.
The campus was beautiful in it's fall colors
Saturday night the Cougars played the Oregon Beavers and suffered a huge loss 24-52

Then this weekend we set out to spend some quality time with the grandkids and in the process took my DH to his very first Pumpkin Patch excursion.  We visited Lakeview Farms in North Plains and it was a great day!!!

We took a boat ride out to the patch.  Kiara met a friend waiting for the boat.
With her new missing tooth---they had a lot in common!
On the boat ride over to the patch we saw some interesting stuff
first Jaws popped up out of the water
and then near a pirate ship we saw a sea monster come up out of the water.
I mistakenly called it a dragon and Kiara was quick to let me know her mom said
it was a 'Sea Monster'  ---   silly nana
Approaching the pumpkin field---you can see Mt Hood in the distance
the girls quickly set out to find the best of the bunch --- hunt's on!!!
Jayda thought if nana liked the warty ones---she might like one also!
That's my girl

But when Kiara found a keeper --- Jayda started thinking over her options
after the important stuff it was time for a little fun and they took papa for a spin in the hay maze a few dozen times.  Jayda especially thought it was a blast.
Meanwhile nana was having fun feeding, their little brother, Brayden and Jayda was the first to find us.
them it was time to load all our pumpkins onto the train and set off to go back 
When we pulled into the station to unload, passengers waiting to board, commented that I brought back the cutest pumpkin.  I couldn't agree more!
The evening ended with our daughter and son-in-law taking us out to dinner at          Old Chicago pizza.
I must say it was one of the best weekends we have spent in a long time.

I did manage to sneak in a little sewing on Friday evening.   I needed to make Jayda her on little tote bag purse.  Her older two sisters use the ones I made them constantly and since she was just a newborn when I made them, she didn't get one at the time.  Time for nana to fix that.  The girls love to load them up with whatever looks interesting to them at the moment.  If Jayda had her way, hers would always be filled with candy.  Boy, is she going to love Halloween this year.
Here is the little bag I took over to her this weekend so she has one like her sisters.

     Back of the bag                                     Front of the bag       

I used the free pattern tutorial that I found here a few years back written by Kerry Green of VeryKerryBerry.  I love the fussy cut squares that you can choose to match each recipient.  I figured Jayda would love the bunny and strawberry house.  She should feel super honored to have a piece of the woodpecker/birch tree print as it is one of those fabrics I have never cut into because I just love to look at it and pet it every now and then. She was a very excited little girl to finally have a bag like her older sister's.
Hope you are enjoying the change of season and Fall is bringing some time to slow down and be closer to family and friends for you as well.

Keep Stitchin'

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  1. what great times you have been having .. and what memories to look back on when the weather really sets in!! The bag is lovely and I am sure already well used xx


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