Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sew Excited

Today I completed block 20 of the Pile 'O Fabric Skillbuilder 2013 series.  It was actually quite easy when compared to the hassle I had on block 19.  I really love how it turned out and am super stoked to have made it this far.  I did not keep up with the schedule for free motion quilting these but am hoping to make time for that in January 2014.  I also have to make the border for the quilt and can already tell this quilt will not only be a large one but a real beauty.

I love how they all look together and it seems to have a pretty even distribution of colors which for me is definitely a coincidence and a pleasant first.
Since I am wrapping up my 2013 BOM projects ( at least for the most part ) I think I can start planning my goals for 2014!!!  I am one of those that definitely likes to set goals and even a few resolutions for the upcoming year.  Road maps and game plans help me keep on the path I choose---at least for a while...

Keep Stitchin'


  1. This will be a lovely and awesome quilt. I love the modern touch. Thank you for sharing

  2. wow! it looks great xx Good luck with the planning for 2014 .. hope its a good year for you x

  3. That last block is beautiful, and overall this will be an awesome quilt.

  4. You are awesome, I have not even finish mine yet, put hope to start this project 2014.


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