Saturday, June 7, 2014

To Tie For Dress

I picked up the To Tie for Dress pattern by Olive Ann Designs while in Idaho about a month ago to make for my grand-daughter's.  The youngest one, Jayda, I particularly thought would look adorable in it.  I don't particularly like sewing garments but this pattern appealed to me as it doesn't have any seams showing and is completely reversible.  I hate interfacing and collars and this pattern doesn't have any of that either.  You simply make each side, then put one inside the other, sew around the arm holes, neck and ties and then flip the sides out and finish the hem on the bottom, leaving all the seams hidden on the inside.  You can find this and other Olive Ann Design patterns available at Sew Baby.  Wait till the grand daughters find out nana can also make their dolls matching dresses from the pattern included with it.  I hope I find time to make those soon as I know they would be a big hit.

On one side, I used these adorable Acacia Tula Pink raccoons for the pockets.  One the other side I used this fantastic Kaffe Fassett fabric that I picked up with the pattern.  The pattern comes with the applique pattern for three giraffes so I put them on the Kaffe Fassett side as well.

Jayda looks amazing in it.  Of course, I am very biased...he hee hee
The blue in her eyes matches the dress perfectly!

I wasn't sure if she would need a size 2 or 3.
Probably should have made the size 2.  But I can tie it up higher so the neck and arm holes are in a better placement and she can get to wear it for two years hopefully.  The other side was a big hit with her, but of course those pockets were to her liking immediately.

I really didn't plan what to put on side two when I bought this fabric but the red stripes on the raccoon side makes a dramatic statement and fits this spunky monkey to a tee.

Of course, now I have a couple more of these to make soon for the other monkeys I adore.

Keep Stitchin'

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