Monday, August 18, 2014

Trails and triumphs

Summer has kept me busy lately.  My DH has kept me busy working outdoors instead of sewing but after we got a few things taken care of outside this weekend, I was able to sneak in some sewing time.  I've been keeping busy making a couple items for my 'Sister' in the It's a Sister Thing swap I am participating in this month.  I've been stalking a quilter's blog that I am paired up with secretly and immediately came up with a couple of items that I had to make her.  She is so open in sharing of herself that it was a delight to stalk her secretly and make her a couple of things I am sure she will love.  Makes me wonder if I share enough of myself here...being open is kind of least for me.  One of the projects I made was a first for me, but it turned out great...thankfully... and I will have to get to work making a couple for me soon.  I can't wait to share what fun I've been having with this one but it will have to wait a little while longer before I can share. Due date for shipping is August 31st and I still have to think of a couple goodies to include with my package for her.

I needed to get a few of my BOMs caught up, so I started in on my June...yep June Quilt Doodle Ice Skate row. 

This one was a lot of work and frustration.  I have had the white ice skates done for a while and completed the two red skates last week.  But when I put the row together it was like 8 inches too long...Yikes...followed by some not so nice words!!!  I had to rip it apart and unfortunately the individual blocks I had sewn together by horizontal rows not vertical.  So ripping this BITCH apart was a nightmare.  Then when I went to fuse the skate blades on I had forgot to take into account they would be inversed so I had to redo them on the fusible web product.  Ironed them on finally and then when I went to do the applique stitch around them, the sewing machine decided to skip ALOT of stitches!!!  Finally after stopping and ripping the stitches out a few times, just went for it and then added the stitches in by hand with embroidery floss that needed filled in.  I do know I have shared before that I hate applique.  Love and admire others work but it kicks me in the bootie every time.

Deciding to move back into my familiar territory of paper piecing and get another BOM done, I moved on to my August Sew Kitschy block and look what happened.

I had it all assembled before I even noticed.  I had been worrying the whole time because I had less than a fat quarter of the background material and feared running out the entire time so when I had all the pieces together I must had been too elated and forgot to pay attention.  See that brown stipe in the middle???  It is suppose to be the kitchen counter.  Hello seam ripper again!!!  And here it is after I corrected my up-tenth flub up of the day.

Much Better
Ignore the fact that the far right spoon doesn't quite look all the way inside the container because at this point you know I am. Hell no way am I fixing that.  More on my to do list but I think this is enough problems for one day. 
Thank goodness my Sister Swap items went together much more smoothly and successfully.
Luckily our outdoor project went more smoothly...even if it did include way too much physical work.
It started out with the hubby ripping up our yard with a Kubota on Friday to make room for a new driveway and parking space for the new RV.
Followed by a lot of work framing in a compacting the new driveway.
On Saturday we got 12 yards of recycle asphalt delivered
Followed by many hours of spreading it all out and leveling it out
And then we compacted it over and over again.

Now we are debating what to do next.  We are thinking of burning it and than sealing it.
Wish us luck with whatever comes next.  For right now it is looking great and we don't want to ruin it by driving on it.  I know silly but it was a lot of work!!! 
Keep Stitchin'


  1. I can't wait to see what you are making for your secret sister. And for the runner...I would have left it the size it turned out, extra inches included. I love the pp blocks too.

  2. You are more conscientious than me. I would have left that brown stripe in and called it a row of tiles/backsplash. ;-) You know how Hyacinth in Keeping Up Appearances has matching wallpaper and bedspread in her bedroom? Your kitchen would be the same, with the tablecloth matching the wallpaper!! Or maybe I'm just lazy and making up plausible excuses... ;-) Looking forward to the last block next month!


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