Friday, August 29, 2014

QDD Catchup

So August is almost done for...but I am catching up on all my monthly BOM's and have officially caught up on my Quilt Doodle Doodles 2014 BOM.  I had to get both the July and August rows done this month and being consisted of a bunch of 2 1/2 inch squares it took a little bit of sneaking in extra time here and there but I got it done.

Here is my July row of Hot Cocoa Mugs:

It wasn't until I went to post this pick that I noticed the error in it.   The steam is way off center in the middle cup.  Not sure if I should leave it as is or fix it.  I have not done the decorative stitches around it as I was planning on doing them on a friend's machine.  I could very easily move it but it is kind of growing on me.  Or maybe that cup is sooo steaming hot it should have three steam puffs coming out of it...choices...choices...choices.  My co-worker is always telling me we always have choices.  What to do???...any suggestions are welcome should I fix it or change it up?  I cheated on the mugs.  They were suppose to all be made of 2 1/2" blocks but I wanted to use some fun prints to make some fun seasonal coffee cups...I'm pretty sure the quilt police will let me off with a warning.

August was a quick short row of candy.  I enjoyed the quickness that allowed me in catching up: )
I really like all the different colored candies in it, too.

So only two more pieces of this quilt puzzle to go.  September and October which made catching up now even that more sweet.  So far here is how it is coming together:

September will fill the hole next to the tree, which will mean I can sew it all together next month after I finish the September block.  October is suppose to be a row above the ice skates. I didn't have enough of the dark blues to do the whole quilt but love the scrappy look and the lighter blues give it a much lighter, happier feel to it, so I am completely loving how it is coming together.  It's always a little challenging when you can't see the overall picture from the get go, but it is perfect in my book so far.

Now to catch up on my PMQG Medallion top.  It needs July and August additions.  They call it July and August but as they come out near the end of the month it always seems like the following month's project so it doesn't seem like I am that far behind...except for the fact that the July round consists of 48 square in a square blocks.  I've been dragging my feet as I haven't been sure what colors to do next.  I have been contemplating black as the outside square but having just seen the next round posted on the 28th I will save the black for my August additions.

I also hope that all the sewing time over the Holiday weekend will be therapeutic for me as I feel the need for therapy!!!

Hope you have a therapeutic and relaxing weekend as well,


  1. I would fix the wisp of steam. It looks too straight up to come from the very edge of the cup and it is the only one not centered. It would bother me. But it is not my row. i love the way you did your mugs!

  2. I love the row by row! The perfectionist in me would change the steam, but I didn't even notice until you said there was a mistake. I think it would be fine if left.

  3. what an adorable project! winter isn't my favorite season but this is sooo festive, i might leave it up year round!


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