Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PMQG Medallion Is an official Flimsy

My medallion quilt top is officially done.  Now the goal is suppose to be to get it quilted and bound by the Christmas party of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  Tall order for this girl as I don't like the finishing process.  I wish I could say I'll just get someone else to quilt it for me but am going to assume shops might be busy this time of year getting everyone's Christmas gift projects done.  Still I should aim at getting it in the queue soon if it is to have a chance at getting done. 

The final border was one I didn't think I was even going to like on it but I have to say overall I am very pleased with the final result!  All too often when I see a medallion quilt my first impression is 'my how busy is that'---too many things going on in such a confined space.  I was very careful with color placement and used a lot of white to make sure not to feel overwhelmed by the design.  I really like how the black helped break up the rounds also.

It finished off around 70 to 71 inches square.  Seems like it would be easier to quilt if it had a border around it to stop the bias stretch from the last border but hate the thought of buying additional fabric to border it.  Is it supposed to finish off with just the braided border or is it important to add another round.  It would look nice with a white 3 inches around it and a black binding but do I really want this to finish off at around 76 inches square?  What do you think??  What would you do...inquiring minds really do want to know.  Any advice anyone?

I've been busy putting together my Quilt Doodles last round, too.  I hope to have it together soon to show also.  I usually jump right in on my Quilt Art Design BOM but it has been fun seeing these come all together. 


  1. I love this!!!! I never even thought about adding another border to combat the stretchy-ness of those triangles. I can see what you mean though. I really like the look of it stopping with the colored border and then having a black binding on that. Maybe extra basting around the edges?

    1. I agree the color on the edge right now does seem right

  2. I too like it the way it is and I'm guessing that you are extra careful with the basting, it will be fine. Nicely done.


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