Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sew Sweet BOM

Once again I am finding myself at the crossroads of too much stuff to get down ---where do I start---and hey let's start a new project!!!    I wish there was help for whatever quilting bug is under my skin---I have turned into a stark raving lunatic.  I love starting new projects.  I AM going to finish some of what I have going on right now...just not right at this point in time.  Yikes...but when Jacquelynne Steves sent out an email inviting me to take part in her new BOM I couldn't resist.  Like I said I have some sort of affliction for BOM's.  I am hoping to be cured by the new year so I can resist all the grand ones I am sure will be tempting me again... sooner than I dare to think about... but the timing on this one seemed ideal.  If you can look past all the projects that I need to actually finish---I seem to have no problem forgetting how the list of to do's gets longer everyday.   I mean all the BOM's of 2014 had come to an end and November was wide open.  I have the new Round Robin commitment but other than that I just need to complete my current tops from this years BOM's and a new BOM was just too enticing to pass up.


You can see why it was too hard to resist.  I even convinced my daughter to buy me 10 new fat quarters for my birthday---this is my birthday month---and I like to enjoy it all month long.  She's the best to quickly agree and enable my addiction so freely.

You can find more about this BOM series...did I mention it's another free one and all you need to do to participate is sign up thru Jacquelynne's website here.  Just fill in your email address in her upper right hand corner request box and she will email you the free instructions each month.  Her BOM runs 5 months and will be your choice of a 4 or 6 block version.  I love her social media use of Facebook and Instagram to share our progress rather than Flickr as I always love seeing others work and take on the same block and Flickr is not the first choice on people's list nowadays.   She is encouraging us to either applique or embroider her center section---she provides patterns for both options--- or simply piece it if that is your preference! I just started using Instagram under qreativequilts and it was neat seeing all the fabulous pictures from Quilt Market on it.


It will be exciting to see what everyone is doing with this one and I will get back to my regular scheduled quilting activities soon.  It is a sunny weekend here so I did get that picture of my progress on the Quilt Doodle Design BOM top with the addition of the last row.  I just have to figure out if I am adding a border around it.  I am leaning towards no as it will be quicker to finish if it doesn't have to wait for additional borders and I like it's current size anywhoo.

I love all the fall color on the ground but it is much easier to view the top when my DH holds it up for me.  He isn't feeling well this weekend but played along nicely in the next photo.

I still need to embroider the string to connect the Christmas lights at the top but that is a great evening project.  I hate to admit it but I also started a new blue and white baby quilt and should have that top done soon but time to work on the round robin block before I get back to that.  Trying to do it all is crazy exhausting. 

Keep Stitchin'


  1. So many projects!! I know the feeling!! and I am also very often at that crossroad of "hey tons of old projects, why don't I add a new one on the list" ;) I love your finished quilt top! It's perfect for this season!!
    Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday ;)

  2. I love your quilt top. So funny, such a beautiful colors. Succes with all your projects.


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