Sunday, January 18, 2015

RSC block and GO HAWKS!!!

I have decided to add another monthly block to my to do list.  I really shouldn't as I find they do put a damper on me completing or even my ability to start new projects but I love seeing everyone's Rainbow Scrappy Challenge blocks come together each month and let's face it I am beginning to feel I will never be able to quilt up all my scraps and stash in my lifetime so it's a great way to put a dent in it even if it is a small dent.

January has us using those blue scraps so I set to work sorting them all out and in the end used a few scraps from my shelf as well to be able to cohesively pull this block off.  Since the majority of my scraps are from paper piecing they are generally too small and not enough of any one color left to just use my leftovers.  But over 80 percent of the block came from my scrap bin so not a bad start.

I am choosing to do the Circle of Friends block by Katie Wells found in the May 2014 issue of American Quilter.  I have been wanting to do a Storm at Sea quilt for a while and I really like the updated look of this block and all the little pieces allow for lots of scrap choices.

I am not sure how this will play out when each color block comes together but I am willing to find out.  I know I should have used a common white background for each block and just had the center use the color for the month but that is not the most effective way to use up that month's color scraps so I am going all in with the monthly color and just switching up color values, light, medium and dark.  My favorite part of the block is the circle it creates each time so it will be fun to see each of these in the different colors each month.

In December, my friend Karen from The Recipe Bunny blog who I  joined the PMQG with gave me this set of 8 napkins and the cute little box to keep them in for my birthday since I didn't make it to the November meeting which landed on my birthday.  Along with the napkins, she gave me this awesome ale, which is not only a local Portland ale, it is great!  Loved the oatmeal flavor which is very distinct in this brew.  Thanks so much Karen!! Your gift was very appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I enjoyed the beer a few week's ago in our new Seahawk glasses and as I have been sitting here blogging about it biting my nails and rooting our team on against the Packers today on our way to Super Bowl 49, I am estatic to find that against all odds we are on our way to the Super Bowl again!!!  At least the Seahawks are, I will be on my way back from California and will be needing to find a motel room to watch the game in!!! My husband thinks we should head to Reno instead to watch the game. We will definitely be somewhere south but we will be watching loud and proud!!! GO HAWKS!!!


  1. That is a really great block and it will be fun to see how your RSC quilt comes along.

  2. That's a really beautiful block! Inspires me to find a copy of that issue and make one too.

  3. Congratulations on that nail biting win!!! What a game that was. I love your blue block. A whole quilt of those would have great movement.

  4. Beautiful block! I look forward to seeing how all the colors play together. Also a diehard Seahawk fan - go hawks!

  5. Love that block! I've always wanted to make a storm at sea quilt too! I was biting my nails the other way, since we are Packer fans, and couldn't believe we lost! I'll be cheering loudly for the Hawks to win the super bowl though. :)


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