Sunday, February 15, 2015

Progress Update for February

February hasn't been my most productive month for me. It started with us out of town and then last weekend we spent the weekend moving my sewing room from upstairs to a downstairs room.  I have had a knee bothering me for the last year and my husband thinks being downstairs will help it so I am moving the sewing room from a 13' x 26' room to a 10' x 10' room.  YIKES!!!
Good news is I am back to being able to sew and this weekend got quite a lot of things caught up.
I have my round robin addition on and ready to send on it's way to it's March destination. The pictures I took turned out terrible so I will try to get a couple snaps before I send it on it's way so I can show a tidbit.
I spent the week carousing my fabrics looking for the right combo for my beehive block this month.  It is the first block for the swarm and this month Melanie is our Queen and picked out the Chainlink block from  Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts.  I was a little unsure of all the pieces but it went together so smoothly and Alyce's directions were super!!!  It has been so fun to see all of our blocks as they are added to our IG feed.

Second up was the second block for my RSC blocks.  This month the color selected was pink and it only seemed fitting for Valentine's Day to use all the heart fabrics.  I love how these are going to look in all the colors and I really love how it looks next to last month's block.

Then I worked on two more blocks for the Sew Simplicity block of the month by Jacquelynne Steves.
This one I adore by itself but seems so muted next to the others.  I still have to do the applique to the center of these last two but am excited to get them this far.  These have SO many pieces!!!  I think if this one is going to work I am really going to have to use the dark values in the applique pieces because right now it seems so washed out.

No wonder, look at it compared to the others it seems so light, too light.  It totally reminds me of the awesome Spring weather we had this weekend but is so unlike the other blocks.  If there was going to be 9 or more of these blocks I could make it work in the center but this BOM only has 6 block and I do not want to do all of these twice.  Jacquelynne suggested a setting of 4 or 6 blocks so maybe I should just settle on 4.
I have been having fun over on IG.  More checking out what everyone else is up to but in doing so found a couple of IG only swaps that I simply could not pass up.  First one is a gnome swap and the second is a Fairy tale swap.  Both have June/July finishes so I am anxious to get partnered up and start planning on what to create for both of these swaps.
Still Stitchin'

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  1. I LOVE your two RSC blocks together. Those are really going to make a great finish.


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