Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pluging away on many things

I have been busy working on multiple projects at once.  I just get too bored working on any one thing, so lately, I just juggle projects as the mood strikes.  I currently am juggling these projects:

My gnome project for a swap on Instagram with a June shipping date.  I decided on making a mini wall hanging.  I put together the gnome and mushrooms by Cyrille of Bubblestitch and created a Gnome house for my Gnome and am bordering it with bellflowers from the Secret Garden pattern from the Spring 2004 All-Time Favorites Quiltmaker magazine.  I am considering putting a bellflower on the other side of the project as well,  it is quite a bit of additional work but I am sure it would be worth it.  I love the idea of the gnome living in it's own Secret Garden and it seems fitting to have it nestled between the bellflowers.  It currently is 13 1/4 inches by 16 1/2 inches so adding another bellflower should finish it up as an almost perfect little square.  I took all the original patterns and made them 50% of their original size.

I love all the low volume and the little fox and deer living with the gnomes just are so sweet.  I love that whole wee wander line.  I hope my partner will love it, too!  And the little frogs from the Heather Ross print...too cute and a few chickies scattered in for good measure...what's not to love...right???

Today, I finished my pillow that I must have put off to the side a couple of months ago,  I want to be able to use this pillow on my deck this Summer and since this is suppose to be a really nice weekend it was time to do it.  I've been procrastinating because I had decided to put a zipper in the back this time but it really wasn't hard at all... but I need to do it a few more times and perfect the size of fabric to cut.  This time I just over sized and winged it from there and I need something more precise in the future.  Bottom line is it has a functional zipper in the back so... yeah good job me.

I just threw an old pillow inside that was in need of a face lift.  Sure looks better now. 

Finally, I made the April Rainbow Scrap Challenge block for 2015.  This month brought the color purple into play.  I am using the Circle of Friends pattern found in the May 2014 American Quilter issue.  The pattern is by Katie Wells and I love how these are turning out.

I love how the group of them are looking together so far.  I really wasn't sure what to expect using a different color each month and putting these together, but am excited to see this one grow each month.

My only regret so far is wishing I had used a lighter yellow in the outer corners of the yellow one. It is definitely a mistake I will keep in mind when choosing colors in the future.

I am still working on my round robin quilt top.  I got it back in March and will be sharing it at the end of April here when Bea from Beaquilter does a linky party with each of us who participated and I am dying to see everyone's quilt top and what has been added to them since I last worked on them. In the meantime, I am supposed to be adding 64 blocks to mine and I hate making 64 blocks of anything...Yikes!!!  I had better get busy...so far I only have 12 of those done.  Glad I have a little more time but so many things get me sidetracked.

And of course, I now have those piano key blocks to add to my Technicolor Galaxy quilt top.

Keep Sttichin'


  1. Love the little gnome piece. The fabrics are all so much fun. I also really like your RSC blocks together. Great choice for your monthly color.

  2. Both are very cool, but I love the gnome and mushrooms and flowers! Such a great piece, I'm sure your partner will adore it!

  3. bright colors, fun quilts, lots of projects creativity on your masthead... love it! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  4. What super blocks, they are lovely and giving the same effect as Storm at Sea.
    30yrs ago a group of us started getting together once a week for quilting, four of us left now in New Zealand
    and we decided to call ourselves Circle of Friends, I must see if I can locate the pattern it would be a memory quilt.
    I may have to draw one up, would you mind telling me the finished block size?

  5. What a great pattern for the rainbow scrap challenge. The blocks have such a great shape and make a beautiful collection.

  6. I love all your blocks and art projects! The little gnome is sooooo cute!

  7. Love the asymmetry of the gnome piece and that bellflower design is exquisite -- wish I enjoyed paper piecing more!!

  8. Love those blocks. They are wonderful!


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