Sunday, March 29, 2015

Technicolor Galaxy Start

My new IG obsession has kept me away too long but I finally remembered I need to update my blog with my latest activities.  I am finally getting around to starting my Technicolor Galaxy quilt using the pattern from Pile 'O Fabrics Alyssa Lichner.  It got off to a slow start in mid January and then everybody participating in her 2015 skillbuilder lessons spent some time working out our color schemes and color options while waiting for our templates to ship from her. 

I first tried out all my center blocks fabric choices for block #1 on a miniature sheet of paper and tweaked a couple of choices and then finally got them cut out and glued onto make center this last week.  I still have to do the bias strips for the stained glass effect the center will get but haven't located the clover bias maker that is required yet.  I am in no rush as it looks to be a lot of work but following everybody on IG sure has made me drool over what others have accomplished and look forward to catching up.

Next up for block #2, I picked out 144 different fabrics that make up the color wheel portion of my quilt top.  If you checkout the hashtag #technicolorgalaxy on IG you will see some outstanding beauties that are being created with this pattern. 

Last week, I completed the 12 sections that comprise the next round.  I LOVE how this is looking and have to trust that with Alyssa's lessons will be able to figure out how to put this thing together at the end of the year.  In the meantime, I need to commit to quilting each of these pieces but I have so many things to balance and juggle it seems impossible to finish anything as I love starting new projects.

Within two days time, I had the blocks done and put away to make time for the next project.  I made a practice block for the beehive I'm in this year but I will need to redo it as it is not up to my standards.  Next to procrastinating a finish, my hatred of redo-ing a block comes in a close second.
But since it is not due to ship until late April...I will just add it to my ever growing list of things I am procrastinating to do.

In the meantime, I am spending some time drafting my mini quilt for the gnome swap that I need to complete by June and since I know my propensity to not finish things, I need to at least get my favorite part done so I can move on to the finishing phase of it on time.  Plus, Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and along with continuing to clean my new sewing room space, I am sprucing up the flower beds --- don't you just love Spring!!!
Keepin' Busy and Happy,


  1. I love that rainbow piece. That looks so complicated.

  2. That is extremely awesome!! I do not have that much patience for such a tedious sew! It is so beautful!!


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