Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bird Quilt

This quilt has been a WIP for way too long.  I had to have started it over six years ago.  I saw the finished quilt in the back of the Mar/Apr '05 Quiltmaker magazine.  It was a finished quilt that was featured in the back of the magazine.  A reader had made it , but the pattern wasn't with it---most likely it had been in an issue sometime before that.  So I roughly drew out birds utilizing half square triangles and colored them in on graph paper.  Where the beaks or colored wings sections are I figured I could just treat it like paper piecing and build the colors I needed my triangles to be and built my square from that.  At the time I hadn't given machine quilting the top a try so I let my cousin hand quilt it.  She was to give it back to me and I would bind it and it would be hers to keep.  I hate to admit it but she has had it back in my hands for over three years.  Oops.  Where has all that time gone?  Some of it I just couldn't find the right fabric to bind it with or so the story goes.  Have you been there?  I will see her in a few weeks and can't wait to surprise her with the finished quilt.

 I've been busy working on multiple projects.  I started some quilt blocks from the garden steps series that I have the button for on my sidebar.  I've made 10 blocks so far and will share them soon after I make a few more.   I still need to embroider them.   Jennie is sharing a pattern each month to embroider in the center of the blocks.   I'm sure I can't keep up with her and have some catching up to do but they are delightful.   Check out what she is doing by clicking on the Garden Steps button. 

Enjoy your week and keep stitchin',


  1. Wow, this bird quilt is awesome. And you sketched it out by hand? I can't believe that. Fantastic job!


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