Monday, April 30, 2012

Jungle Cuddles
I am ready to show off my Jungle Cuddles Quilt now that I received my new camera cord in the mail today.  I had fun taking these pictures,  so I was glad to be able to recover them.  I haven't been sure about the whole process used to create this blanket but the end result isn't so bad.  The girls I work with love it so I must have done something right.  I am always my worst critic.  Hope Madelynn approves when she arrives soon that is all that really matters.   All I need to do is wash the blanket and iron the back and it will be all hers. Well I do need to put a quilt label on the back, too .  I always seem to forget that it is nice to let baby know the who, when and with my love part of making this for her so she can cherish it for years.                                                                


Take Care,


  1. so cute! Like you I am my worst critic.
    This quilt will be Madelynn's treasure.

  2. Hallo Kathy,
    you make wonderful thinks. I like your Blog.
    Greatings Grit from Germany

  3. What a sweet quilt, love all the animals on it!


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