Monday, August 20, 2012

Progress in Paradise
We spent the last week camping up on Mt Rainier at Cougar Campground and hiking up at Paradise Inn and at Sunrise on the Northeast side of the mountain.  The sub alpine meadows are in full bloom.  We saw deer but thankfully no bear or cougar.  Wouldn't you agree that these are pictures of Paradise for sure? It was great being unplugged for the week and relaxing. The sky is really that blue up there. I also got a lot of hand sewing done with two of my UFO's getting completed.  They now smell like a campfire but a good washing and they are going to look great on my tables.

This is a table runner that I started over six years ago (when my kitchen was still red ---it no longer is).   I put off finishing it because it had inside corners to bind. I wasn't confident I could do that so I set it off to the side.  Come to find out inside corners are easier than outside corners and now I wish you could design a quilt with only inside corners. They are that easy. Here is a picture of the finished project.  I couldn't even find the pattern I used for this one but I think it had buttons in the center of the blocks for the flower centers so I put three in the middle of each flower.

I had another table runner that I had started about two years ago which at least matches my current decor.  It has lots of flowers sewn on it and each is hand quilted around the edges, as are each of the many leaves.
The flower centers are buttons covered with fabric and I LOVE how this turned out. I am doing a happy dance just looking at this makes my heart sing.  Check it out. Isn't it gorgeous?

I also had time to embroider one more garden step block on the drive up to Sunrise.  Which I am glad I had in the truck because the road is a series of switch backs climbing the mountain on cliffs with no shoulders on the road and I wasn't enjoying the view out the window like I should have.  It was almost too scary. I would love to do more hiking in that area but I don't really want to go up that road again any time soon.

I also took along some fabric to give making hexagons a try. I had the opportunity to give it a shot and will share that outcome later in the week. I got my see saw swap block back from my partner while I was gone for the Halloween See Saw Swap and will share it's progress soon, plus I won a fat quarter bundle from Bea
at beaquilter.  She just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sonja, and I guessed her birth weight right on the nose and was closet to the right time of day she would make her arrival. Big thanks to Bea and all the Staff at Connecting Threads for Sponsoring this fun giveaway and the opportunity to put this fat quarter bundle of Pearadise to good use.  Hey maybe it was my being at Paradise that brought me the good fortune to win some Pearadise.  Just a thought...

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