Sunday, August 12, 2012

   Quilt label
I am ready to pass off Grayson's quilt to him.  I threw it in the wash with three color catchers and let me just say they are lifesavers when red fabrics are involved.  I can't believe what they caught. They were very purplish in color and I am so grateful my quilt looks wonderful.  Here is a picture I took of the quilt label I made for the back of the quilt.  I had a few people offer suggestions as to what to name it...because as I shared that is not my forte.  Michele from Quilts from my Crayon Box suggested "Sailing Across the Waves" and I thought how brillant is that.  The sailing boats are doing just that...why couldn't I think of that.  Hats off to Michele for lending me a helping hand and to everyone else that offered to help me, I appreciate all your help immensely. I am glad to hear I am not the only one that struggles in this seemingly simple task.

Looking forward to getting alot done this week and sharing it with you all soon.

Keep Stitching


  1. Glad that I came up with an idea that works for you. I'm sure he will love it.

  2. This is the cutest - and I LOVE the fabric - my hubby and I were in the Navy so anything with sailors I just adore!


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