Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aubrey or Calvin???

We won't know if our next grandchild will be an Aubrey or Calvin until April 29th so I can't finish this quilt I started for the newest family member until I find out because I want to have the baby's name run down the right side of this quilt.  I thought I would share my progress on it though because I am over the top in love with how it is turning out.

I based the words from the fabric you see in the picture and used the paper piecing pattern from Kristy at Quiet Play that she has available on her craftsy site.  The rest I just sat down and drew out an approximation and then tweaked as I was putting it together.  I love how fresh and beautiful it is turning out.  It has been a long wait to find out if it is for a boy or girl but we will know soon.

It looks so much like Spring that I had to get a picture with my favorite flower.  Aren't those baby feet adorable???

Here is how the Asian Scrappy is turning out, too.  I am waiting to finish it till I can find the $$$ to buy the border.  I could find the $$$ easier if I didn't keep spending it elsewhere but what fun would that be?  I am accumulating a lot of fabric lately.  There was another quilt show in town this last weekend and another this weekend.  I always find something I need.   Bye Bye $$$

This one will be for my daughter, Ashley, she is wanting to switch from her queen size bed to a twin so she can gain room in her bedroom so I don't feel too rushed to finish it as we don't have a twin in there right now.  We just recently gave one to the littlest grandchild so Ashley will have to wait in line for funds for that, too.

Tomorrow Mr Random will choose a winner for the current giveaway that is open to my followers.  Leave a comment on the previous post if you are a follower that would like to be entered in the drawing for it.  I recently won the Two Sisters traveling stash box and will be posting that giveaway this weekend.

Speaking of accumulating fabric and winning...look what I recently won from Boardwalk Quilts in Long Beach, WA.  When I was in town in March they were having a fabulous fat quarter sale and I LOVE FAT QUARTERS.  So I quickly scooped up something like 23 or so of those babies at 1.69 a piece.  I was in heaven.  I entered their drawing for what I believed was the pattern to a quilt they had on display.  I WON!!!  But it turns out I didn't win just the pattern oh no...I won the whole quilt kit to put it together.  Can I hear a WOOT WOOT!!!??  Here is a pic of this dreamy win.  I ran to town this last weekend and picked it up.

The pattern can make four different designs.  I really love the pattern but am tempted to use the fabric (a whooping 15 fat quarters and two large cuts of white and black for the blocks and borders) in my Zetti quilt that I have been procrastinating on.  I am still pondering design options but recently tried something and just by coincidence they were 8" blocks the same as this pattern has. I think I can swap my Zetti blocks and use the black and white string blocks in between them.  The blocks wouldn't be set on point but I think it would look great and wham look at all the fabric that I can incorporate into the Zetti quilt. Here is how the first two blocks turned out.  I also just bought the pattern for the Believe Magic girls that Carrie makes ( I LOVE THEM) and want to incorporate them in here, too.

Keep Stitchin'


  1. My daughters baby is due on the 29th too!
    Shes having a daughter, theyd wanted to know ahead of time.
    Smashing quilt youve made for your new grandchild
    : )

  2. The name on the side will be fabulous. I love that they are going for the surprise. So few do that anymore.

  3. Gotta love when you know the names before you know if it's a boy or girl. Picking names is a tricky business. Trying to find just the right one. I like your word quilt, the name will finish it off just right.


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