Thursday, April 18, 2013

Traveling Stash giveaway update!!!

qreativequilts by qreativequiltsqreativequilts, a photo by qreativequilts on Flickr.

The Traveling Stash must hit the road and move on down the road.  Mr Random has had the honor of choosing the recipient of the stash and without further adieu he has chosen  Katie as the lucky winner.
She was number Three.  Since the first comment was from overseas and unfortunately couldn't participate in the traveling stash because the stash has to stay in the Continental US to keep shipping costs down, Mr Random had to choose between numbers two thru four. 

I will be contacting Katie shortly to get her info and will send the box out to her quickly thereafter so she can have fun choosing what she would like to swap out of it.  I hope you find some great treasures in there that you can have fun with!!!   Thanks for hosting a visit with the stash.

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