Sunday, January 26, 2014

January AYOLF Done

   I'm excited to report I met my goal for the month and got my Quilt Doodle Doodle 2013 quilt top quilted and bound.  It has been a long weekend working steady on it but it feels fantastic to have it finished!  As I have been working hard to finish it on time I have been considering who would be the lucky recipient of it and I really had no clue...My DH last night had a brilliant idea.  Give it to my brother and his fiance.  They just happened to be taking us out to Olive Garden for dinner last night and it was a very special treat that was enjoyed by all.  We had such a great visit with them and well the dinner was fantastic!  My brother struggled with drug addition for many years and we had little contact during those years.   Today, I can say I am very, very proud of my brother.  He has been clean of all drugs for 5 years, as of last month, and it is a pleasure to help him celebrate this milestone and see him continue down a great path each day.  He has totally turned his life around,  he has been baptized and gave his heart to the Lord,  bought a new home this last year,  has a great job and a wonderful family.  It has been an incredible turn around in his life and he has been blessed with a wonderful lady in his life who I will be proud to have as a Sister-in-law someday.  I know they will treasure this quilt and enjoy it.

Janene, my future SIL, is wanting to start sewing and quilting herself so my husband thought the spools definitely were calling out to live at their home.  The quilt finished at 54 1/2 " x 71" Perfect for snuggling on the couch with or throwing on the floor and letting their grand children crawl on.

 I like all the quilting on the back.  I just threw on the walking foot and followed the patterns on the front of the quilt for the most part.  Always fun to see those show up on the back.  I was brave and used teal thread on the quilt instead of red.  Speaking of thread...guess what...I won 12 large spools of thread from QDD for this quilt top finish that I linked up to her blog hop.  I am beyond thrilled!!!  I have been wanting to win some for so long.  It was a total shock...never expected a win this time.  What fun.  I have only used Aurifil thread once but thoroughly enjoyed it.  I won the following 12 pack of Eat You Fruit n' Veggies by Pat Sloan.

I will proudly be linking this up to A Lovely Year of Finishes over a Fiber of All Sorts
Now I have to start thinking of what my February goal should be...think.think.think until then...

Keep Stitchin'


  1. I love your quilt and how it looks on the back! You're giving me encouragement to put together 20 sampler blocks (12 inch) I have finished. I've been holding back because I don't know how to FMQ. But you used a walking foot so I suppose you did not FMQ those lines using the walking foot? Also, did you do this on a regular home machine? That's another thing holding me back, the struggle to get a large quilt through a regular machine.

  2. definatly a WELL DONE to you and your brother x win win x

  3. Your quilt looks wonderful. What a wonderful gift. Lovely finish!

  4. What a wonderful quilt, and how great about your brother! I have a brother who has been clean and sober for 3 years and I gave him a quilt for Christmas, so I know how special this is. Congrats on your finish!!

  5. Yeah for you and I'm sure that quilt will be well loved.


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