Sunday, February 2, 2014

Garden expansion and dreams

Alright so it was a late night last night sewing.  I was so excited to put together the next blocks for the Quilt Art Design Garden 2014 BOM.  February blocks for it are going to be beautiful.  I am a little concerned about the light colors on the hummingbird with the low volume background but I think hummingbirds come in so many colors I will find one that works even if I have to use a little creative license on one and make a fantasy hummingbird. 

Given that I had a little trepidation on the hummingbird I quickly set to work on the hibicus.  Janeen showed her blocks this month for each of these and it really helped put the mirror image aspect in perspective for me. A few minutes before midnight I had it done!!!

I love the colors!!!  I found some Kona Bay variegated red print in my stash...who knows where I picked it up from but it was perfect for this block.  Thrilled with it!!!

So time to set goals for February...I have a few:
1.     QAD Hummingbird block
2.     Sew Kitchsy cookie jar block
3.     QDD log cabin block
4.      For the February Lovely Year of Finishes I am linking the following project that I need to both start
 and finish this month.  It will be a wall hanging and a graduation gift for my daughter. She graduates in May but I am wanting this done and ready to be gifted.   She is an anthopology major and when I saw
this pattern I knew I had to make it for her.  I have been wanting to make a watercolor quilt for a very
long time and this will get my feet wet.  I don't expect to rock the watercolor quilt on my first try but I
know it will turn out cute.  Here is a quick start of my layout...

It will have random colors surrounding it not sure exactly what to do in the surrounding area.  The colors have to be distinctively different enough to not blend in with the light colors or the dark...maybe green or red???  These are 2" square blocks.  For me to consider it finished it will need to be pieced, quilted, bound and ready to hang.  So there you have it my February goals!!! Linking this skull project to the Lovely Year of Finishes
A Lovely Year of Finishes
Now it is time to watch some Super Bowl action.   GO HAWKS !!!  We have the Corona on ice, Guacamole and chips, pizza ready to throw in the oven , house clean and friends on the way. We have our Seahawk banner proudly flying outside in front of our house and you can bet some rowdy 12th man fans will be hooting and hollering and cheering the team on soon!!!  Plus my husband has his unwashed jersey on to bring them the added boost to win...he claims it only is weird if it doesn't work and so far it's working!!!



  1. Your hibiscus block is lovely. I really like how you used all those different lights for the background. it's unusual but very effective.

  2. The hibiscus is just amazing!! Perfect colors!! Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday!! :)

  3. Your hibiscus block looks justbeautiful!

  4. Love your hibiscus and I'm sure there was a TON of hooting and hollering that went on in your house on Sunday!


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