Sunday, May 11, 2014

Graduation Weekend

This weekend, Mother's Day took second fiddle and that was ok with me.  For us, the big deal this weekend was all about celebrating with our youngest daughter as she graduated from WSU with a Bachelor of Art and Sciences Degree in Anthropology.  We arrived on campus to find she didn't have her room totally packed, but even that couldn't dampen the pride we had in our daughter. Neither my husband or I, graduated from college.  In fact, on both of our sides, this was a first college graduate in our direct family ancestry.  On Friday, we visited all the places we had come to love over the past year in the local community of Pullman and Moscow.  Friday was all about stocking up on memories of the area that we would miss.  The Breakfast Club, one of our favorite eateries in Moscow, Idaho, then Stitches and Petals( a local quilt shop) which was having a shop hop and had just moved to a new location so it was great to see the new digs and pick up some more Kaffe Fassett fabric and a great new pattern for a dress for the grand-daughters.  Tri-State outfitters for new shoes was a must and no stop to Idaho is complete without a visit to the liquor store as the state taxes are so much lower than Washington's that we can't resist stocking up. 

Once, we got back to the dorm it was time to pack it up and then we headed out around campus to take pictures of Ashley in her cap and gown.

On the side of her dorm

time to share a giggle with the bookie
had to snap a picture of my favorite bird in the area
---love that long tail---

we fell in love with this mommy squirrel
even braved a quick pic with her until she seemed to get a little nervous
a little visit to the practice field

a moment to savor the beauty on campus

and then her dad and her let me know they had enough 
We shared one last dinner at Birch and Barley, shopping for new pants for graduation
and we were officially ready for the big commencement ceremony on Saturday.

They held three ceremonies on Saturday, and ours was the middle one.  The president of the campus gave a wonderful speech on the leap of faith these students embarked on and the leap of faith ahead of them as they journey into the world with their degrees.  He said that these students with baccalaureate degree had accomplished something 70% of Americans haven't, a Master's is something 85% of Americans haven't achieved and a Doctorate is something 99% of Americans never achieve.  Wow, kicked up the pride factor even higher!  Ashley's geology professor called her a "Rock Star"
and her mom and dad couldn't agree with him more.

A Bachelor's Degree in hand and a huge achievement
---A world of possibilities lays before her---

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