Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday WIP

I started to work on my Kate Spain charms.  Believe it or not...I have never made a project using charms. That said---they may have addictive powers as I can already see how easy projects come together using them and they have the built in color coordination thing going for them.  I have had charms for a while now, even looked at plenty of patterns using them, I just haven't set about to actually commit to a pattern using them.  What can I say I love paper piecing and charms don't work so great for paper piecing.

Karen, who blogs at The Recipe Bunny, recently pointed out that I can never finish a project because I make a quilt top one block at a time.  Yeah...she is so spot on right.  Each block of paper piecing takes so long and 12 of them, take well...12 times as long to make.  I will still be paper piecing but felt the need to diversify recently and just plain get something done for a change.

This flimsy still needs a border to make it complete but that will have to wait as I need to buy a little more fabric for it so for now I am just feeling good that it got this far in one day.

The pattern is one I found in a Leisure Arts book at the library. The pattern is called Jennifer. Finished size is suppose to be 39"x 47". Just need to add 3 1/2" border of white all the way around.

These are 40 of the 226 Kate Spain charms I received in the 2 Kate Spain charm swap rounds hosted by Michele from Quilts From My Crayon Box.  Since I have so enjoyed planning what to do with all of my lovely Kate Spain charms and since I am a new Kaffe Fassett fabric lover, I was super stoked this week to run across the Kaffe Fassett Charm Swap being held over by Stephanie at the Quarter Incher.  If you are interested you can find the rules and/or signup here.

I did make a  paper piece block this week though.  I couldn't resist.  I get addicted and have to see the next one in a series made and this week that meant Thumbelina came to life in a block.  The pattern is one in the Happily Ever After collection by Kristy from Quiet Play.

Thumbelina is a story I am seriously not too---if at all familiar with---from my childhood.  But I love this girl daydreaming under the toadstool. I wonder if she's daydreaming about what block she is making next...probably not but I am...think it will be Kristy's Jack in the beanstalk.

Keep Stitchin'

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I have just finished making this same pattern from a tutorial done by the Missouri Quilt Co. The pattern is called Half Square Triangle quilt using the Four Season's block. I made 30 blocks and with a border the quilt is approximately 62 X 72. I used 6 charm packs + a bit of yardage to supplement the neutrals and then a yard and and a half for the borders and binding. I will try and post the quilt on my blog one day soon. I used batiks and am pleased with the result. Interesting to see such similar patterns. Your quilt is lovely.


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