Sunday, December 7, 2014

Elsa #3 and Olaf

I have completed Elsa # 3 for the Christmas pillow project I am tackling for all the grandkids Christmas presents.  This one was made with another half yard I recently bought from from Hawthorne Threads and I love how it looks with her.

The plan was to make for each of the grand-daughters and then my daughter requested one for their cousin Mia.  She is their same ages and while I knew she would love one I wasn't sure I could commit to the time it would take to add it to my to-do list and more importantly get it to the done list. 

Then I decided I would really like to make Olaf for the youngest grand-daughter, Jayda, as she is in love with Olaf the most.  Must be that they both love hugs.  So when I ran the idea past my daughter she thought it would be a home run so I set to work on him this morning.

The pattern is another freebie from Jessica Lee Blacknall @ Sew Much Mischief.  The pattern is for a 5 inch block so I enlarged it 250%.  I haven't put all the pieces together yet so I am not sure what the exact finished size will be but I am adding a border all the way around it to get to the 18 inch size needed for my pillow cushion covers so I am not to worried about it.  Jessica didn't have the sections marked with their corresponding alphabet sections so I cut it apart and followed her diagram to lay the pattern out before I set to work.  It is always a little tricky getting it all laid out before hand because with paper piecing you are dealing with the mirror image so it was a little awkward without the letters on the sections.  I made sure to mark them once I had them laid out like the diagram.

I took advantage of Cyber Monday and ordered this background from Fort Worth Fabrics and it is perfect for Olaf.  He looks absolutely thrilled to see all the snowflakes falling!

I quickly set to work on him this morning and got this far before deciding to take a break and go help the family pick out our Christmas tree.  When, we got back home, I was able to squeeze in just enough sewing time to get all his sections made and laid back out before needing to decorate our tree.

Isn't he just so much fun!!!  Jayda is going to flip for him.  Hopefully tomorrow I can squeeze in time to get Olaf all assembled.  I was thinking of making Brayden, the youngest and only grandson, a deer pillow as his daddy is an avid hunter but then I decided Sven would be perfect.  Jessica just happens to also have a free Sven pattern ,too.  Only problem is I would love to have the same background fabric that I used on Olaf so it looks like I will have to order some more from Fort Worth Fabrics this week. 
I am taking a mini vacation this coming week and hoping to get some of these Christmas projects finished.  I actually have too many things on my to do list to cram into four days off so wish me luck getting at least these pillows done. 

I ordered all these great Frozen fabrics on Cyber Monday from Fort Worth Fabric Studio , too.  Aren't they going to look fantastic on the back of the pillows.  The staff threw in the cocoa and stickers, too!!!
They were a very nice surprise in my package---thanks your the best. In case you are wondering they are not a sponsor of my blog---I am not profiting from telling you how special they are--- just passing along the info on a really great and friendly shop :) I may have to see if they have Sven on some of the Frozen line of fabrics, I can't remember if I saw one with him or not.

Be sure to come back and check out what I am giving away in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway this coming week.  I will be posting details on December 8th...hint...I hope you like text prints as much as I do. 

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  1. I love Elsa and Olaf is going to be fantastic too. Great gift ideas.


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