Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giveaway Winner!!!

It's been a busy morning over here.  First my printer wouldn't work---I think the network connection somehow got messed up when we lost power Thursday night in a wind storm.  I finally got it repaired because the Magic Christmas Sorting Hat needed me to print out all the comments so it could choose the winners of my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway.  After the printer was fixed my grand daughters showed up to make sugar cookies with us and that had us all occupied for hours.

The giveaway this week was so much fun.  I loved everyone's comments and a huge welcome to all the new followers...Over 50 new followers...Woot Woot!!! Thanks to everyone for the advice to catch the next flight to Hawaii to catch my brother's wedding!!!  He has been sharing awesome pictures this week on Facebook with us and I would have loved nothing more than a relaxing week in 85 degree Hawaii but his bride and him actually insisted on doing this by themselves.  They have been sharing a week in total bliss and will remain there for another week.  It has been very touching seeing them so happy and enjoying themselves.

I had 447 comments which translated into 445 after one was deleted by the author and one was a repeat.  If in any way the comments liked both prize packages they were entered in both drawings, if only one preference was made then they were entered into that drawing.  It broke down as follows:

Drawing One Only: 208
Drawing Two Only:  59
Both Drawings:  237

I bet you want to know who the Magic Sorting Christmas Stocking chose huh???

Well here it is in action:

My grand daughter
Kiara loved drawing the winners from the Magic Sorting Stocking

This is just the pile of
One's tossed out before drawing Number two

There were a lot of comments and I read everyone's and thank each of you for your participation in the giveaway this week.

Winner of package Number one is Connie Kresin Campbell from Freemotion by the River blog.
Congratulations!!!  I will be emailing you shortly 

Winner of Package Number Two is Peggy --- and thanks for being a new follower!!! Love that :)

Congratulations and I will be emailing shortly, also!!!

I have had a very busy week and am anxious to share pictures of my progress but I have little ones tugging on me to get back to engaging with them so I will have to find time to show you the quilt I finished this week...I am so excited it is on the DONE list and I had it done in time for Thursday's PMQG meeting to share with all the other medallion tops.
Time to get back to making dinner and frosting cookies :)


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