Sunday, December 21, 2014

Frozen Friends Finished

I got the last of the Frozen character Pillow cushion covers done this week and am excited to see the grand kids reaction when they open their presents Christmas Day.  I had the Three Elsa's done by the end of my vacation week and the purple one went home with my daughter to be gifted to my grand-daughter's cousin Mia. 

 And here's a picture of all the Elsa's together. 

The Elsa's were a great opportunity to play with a little FMQ on their hair and I really liked how they turned out.  I evidently put Olaf together so quickly I didn't take pictures but Sven had a little trouble.  I know I have shown my errors before but there always seem to be interest in how I fix my errors so I thought I would show you what occurred with Sven and how I fixed it.  First, a couple of pictures of the back of the Elsa fronts.
Funny how when I have all the pieces laid out for Sven, I never even saw the mistake but when I had him all sewn together it was instantly apparent. 

He isn't suppose to have that extra spike out the side of his left antler.  At first, I thought hey Brayden's only 15 month's old he will never mind but this was quickly followed by the realization that he was a reindeer and not a moose so his antlers were not okay and needed to be fixed for Sven to be a happy reindeer and yes I needed to be happy, too.

First the block needed a little unassembling.

Then I made another copy of the section I would need to fix.  The one on the block had already had the paper removed where I ironed the block when I had sewn it together so I needed to get that part of the pattern back.  I just cut off the seam allowance part and decided to just pin it over the top of the pattern below so that it was aligned in the right place like so:


Then I could just add the missing blue fabric to number 6 where it had accidently been skipped over before and the sewed on that line.

Then it's just a matter of flipping the pattern out of the way and trimming and ironing the fabric but into place.

Now I will just flip it back over and trim it leaving the 1/4 inch seam allowance I need.


Now when I sew it back together, Sven will indeed be happy with his appearance.  I will be very happy with his improved appearance, too.
Much Better

I just straight lined around him and trimmed him down to size and after completing 4 of these quickly had the fifth and final pillow whipped up and completed.

Here is the four of them all together.  Didn't they just finish off beautifully???

I bought them all Frozen character fuzzy blankets from Walmart to go with them and I know they will enjoy snuggling up under them and watching TV with their new pillows.  Oh yeah, best part was I found these great pillow inserts at IKEA for $5.99.  They are down pillow inserts and the 20 inch insert fits beautifully in my 18 x18 cushion covers.
Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!


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