Saturday, April 14, 2012

I forgot the giraffe needed to have a mane on its neck so I added that and the lion is now a part of the quilt but the monkey is not sure where on the quilt he will live.  I need to make the elephant and zebra before locking him down I think because I am a little worried about room for them all. What do you think of how it is coming along so far?  Sure am loving how soft they are. I will have to hand sew an eye on the giraffe.  I forgot that when I started this project,too. I can't wait to make the elephant. JoAnn's didn't have gray cuddle fabric so it is off to craft warehouse tomorrow to get some. I was tempted to make it out of regular fabric and just line the ears with pink cuddle fabric but the monkey is sooooo soft to the touch that I must have the elephant out of cuddle fabric and I don't really want a pink elephant. Looking at the picture I think I should have given the lion a body of yellow under his head. Oh, well I am not re-doing it.
Wish me luck putting the rest of this together. I will show you how it's coming along when I get the elephant added.

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