Saturday, October 20, 2012


Beautiful Fall Day in Seattle

A couple of weeks ago we traveled north to spend the day taking in the King Tut exhibit in Seattle at the Pacific Science Center.  It was one of those gorgeous sunny Fall days and we had a memorable trip.  My daughter is an Anthropology  major in her Junior year and begged to see the exhibit.  I had seen it when it was there in 1978 but I was just a teenager then and thought it would be great to see again.  Of course they brought some different pieces this time.  None of which I can show you because they allowed no photography of the exhibit.  I can tell you they had a stone toilet seat there that I am sure I would have remembered had it been there 30+ years ago.  Missing was the sarcophagus that I remember from then but there was a small canopic jar that held his stomach, one of a set of four of these jars that held his vital organs and it was beautiful---and yes --empty.  While I think most of the items were not King Tut related but rather just period related to the other Pharaohs of the Valley of the Kings ---  many were from King Tut's tomb and  it was amazing seeing all these pieces in front of us that are from around 1332 BC --- over three thousand three hundred some years ago.
We ditched the Space Needle and instead headed to the waterfront.  What a great area and we enjoyed exploring the piers and had a great lunch at Ivars.  The last time my husband and I had been to the Seattle waterfront and lunched at Ivars, I was 6 months pregnant with our oldest daughter.  She just celebrated her 25th birthday this month.

At least the long car ride was another chance to get some hand sewing done.  I got another Garden Step block done.

and I put some hexagons blocks together that I got from the traveling stash box I won recently.  There are soo cute! Not exactly together together but obviously they aren't exactly color coordinated for that.

and of course we saw this guy at the "Ye Olde Curiousity Shop" at Pier 54 and I must say something about him reminded me of the fast approaching deadline for the Wicked Blog Hop coming soon...hint...hint ;)

Hugs and Keep Stitchin'

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