Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift Bag

I made this bag in one evening over the course of just a couple hours.  Heck most of the time was spent choosing fabrics and just the right Polaroid pic.  Face it so many of them I don't want to part with but I found the perfect one for Christmas and the added a little LOVE to the back of the bag.
I saw an adorable bag that Debbie made over at a Quilter's Table from the Jeni's tutorial using this pattern and knew I needed to give it a go.  She had used a Polaroid block from the swap she hosted this last year and I've been looking for a great way to use some of these and since it is gift bag season, this was perfect timing.  Debbie's bag can be seen here.  Jeni's pattern can be found here lined drawstring gift bag tutorial .  It went together very quickly and my Secret Santa gift for Amber was a big hit because she loved the bag.  She knew when her daughters saw it that evening they were going to want to steal out from under their mom's nose.  Check out the love on the back of it.

I just added a border around the Polaroid block and the another border to create the 12.5 inches by 10.5inch pieces of fabric I needed.  I inadvertently switched the direction of the 12.5 and 10.5 so I had a bag wider instead of taller but I just made sure I did the same for the lining and all was good.  You could make these in all kinds of sizes and make a bunch up to have on hand for all kinds of gift giving seasons. Thanks Debbie and Jeni for just the perfect inspiration!

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