Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Baking Plus

Weekend went by in a whirlwind of Holiday Baking with Kiara.  We started with some Grinch Cookies that I found through Pinterest at Tasty Kitchen .  She insisted Grinch Cookies needed eyes but we just made followed the recipe. Here are the results. Her little sister found the irresistable!

Here is the sweetie who helped nana make them.

We also made Sugar cookies, which she loved frosting and some Gingerbread boys and girls. It was the first time I had ever used the girl gingerbread cookie cutter.  I hadn't even planned on using it this time but right off the bat she wanted to make one wearing a pink skirt. Well, nana couldn't say no to that, now could she.  Also made snowballs and some peppermint candy cookies. Yum Yumm !!!

Plus I am starting to get the rewards of cyber shopping week showing up in my mailbox.  Now to find the time to start tinkering with them all.  I did quickly slip in a Magic Washer into my Bobbin case and LOVED how great that works.  My bobbin case is a constant frustration.  I ordered bobbins for my Juki online and they have always fit tight and I finally had the DH sand them down a smidgen but they have rough edges which I have tried to smooth out but my tension has been fighting me ever since on some of them but these things really do help the bobbin glide in the case more smoothly.

I also bought the supreme slider I have been hearing about and a cheap new darning foot.  Mine that I free motion quilt with has a closed hole and since it is metal and costly I haven't wanted to try to modify it.  I love the video Angela Walters has on her web site showing how she modifies a cheap foot to open the foot so she can see what she is stitching.  I can see how this would be a great benefit and seeing how this one was less than $6.00,  I think I can afford to try her method of modifying the foot.  So you know I needed to buy her book and when searching for it I found a few others, I couldn't resist.  Too bad I still have to wrap all the gifts I've bought so far before I can find the time to properly delve into them.

In the meantime, I still have one more skirt to sew up for the grand-daughters before Christmas. I hope to have them done this week.  Instead of fininshing them this last week, I got distracted by this project below.

  We have a gift tree at work that adopts some of the Senior citizens my facility serves and one special sweetie requested, crayons, coloring books, a crayon box and something to carry things in. 

Well this sounded right up my alley so I quickly got to work this week on making her a tote bag to carry all her goodies in when I bought them.  I've been wanting to tackle a tote bag for a while now and thought this was a GREAT reason to just do it.  I have some blocks that I have been working on since May and only have about 5 or 6 of them done.  They measured 14 x 14 and the pattern that I found was for (2) 15-1/2 x 16 in blocks so I quickly and a couple more fabric pieces to increase the sides to the right dimensions and look at how nice they finished off into a tote bag.  This is a pattern I found in Simple Quilts & Sewing mag Winter issue 2013 I bought a couple of months ago.


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