Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bom progress and oopsx2

February Castles and more...

I was busy piecing the castles together last week and went to post my progress when much to my surprise look what I caught on the picture.

First castle looking good:

Here is what I spotted when I went to post the second castle.  I thought it was really looking good...

until I noticed that the first window had no wall to the left of it.  The second window has way too much extra wall.  A few choice words and out came the seam ripper.  I HATE taking a paper piece block apart.  Due to the fact that you sew it together with small stitches it is a nightmare to undo.  In this instance, I had to rip out something like four different sections in order to make it right.  After much frustration it now looks like this...

I must say it was worth re-doing as I really like how this one is coming along.

So with that fixed it was back to work on my words for the baby quilt I am working on here is what I have so far:


and then here we go again...another I have to figure out if I should fix it.  This time I would just make a whole new letter and replace the one with the boo boo.

 You probably can't see the mistake but it screams at me and taunts me with very unkind words.  Can't let that go...The 'd' above is suppose to look more like the 'b' in baby above.  It is missing a piece of fabric and because of that it actually has a couple unsewn areas in the pointy area of the inside of the d. More bad words on my part. Drats and double drats.
I won't have much time to work on this tomorrow as we are celebrating our grand-daughter, Kiara's, fifth birthday tomorrow but hopefully I will have time to share my February BOM that I made for Kristi's Sew On BOM and start working on my post for sharing my QuiltUBeMine project.  The group will be sharing them on Valentine's Day and I am so excited to see how my group's blocks all turned out.  I sure had fun working on them and can't wait to see how they all turned out and to share mine. 

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