Monday, February 25, 2013

My First Mug Rug

I told myself I would cut back on swaps this year and devote myself to working on my own endeavors.  However, I could not resist this mug rug swap organized by Michele from the Quilting Gallery.  I think I was one of the first to sign up...Yikes!!!!  I have no willpower.  Amanda from the Patchsmith made the patterns for us and they were simply irresistible to me.  One is called Winter Birdhouse and I still need to complete the second one entitled Two Owls.  I figured since I am suppose to be devoting myself to working on stuff for me, I might as well make two of each pattern. One for my partner and one for me.  I have been wanting to make a mug rug for myself for a long time and since I may not get the one from my partner till April, I couldn't wait and made myself one to keep and start using ASAP.   My morning coffee will be as happy as me each morning with such a special place to sit on. This way I will have four mug rugs when I receive the two from my partner and yes I am thrilled I took the plunge on this swap.

I know the picture makes one house look taller than the other but they are identical.  They are due to be shipped by the 18th of March so I had best get going on the Owls.  I have them started and hope to finish them by the end of this coming weekend  if not sooner.


  1. looking good x I think I am addicted to swaps xx sent mine already x

  2. So cute and congrats to you for taking the leap of faith.

  3. So sweet...........good enough to mount and hang on a wall!


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