Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March goes out like a Lion

March has come in like a lamb and seems to be going out like a lion.  That is not even a reference to the weather but the busy-ness that is surrounding me at the moment.  It all started out like a normal month but my dad's health has taken another turn for the worse and after some time in the hospital recently it has been decided he needs more help than his wife is able to give and a foster home has been found and he is getting settled in.  Not exactly by choice but definitely a necessity.  Still busy getting his home on the market and getting his wife settled into their new home also.

At the same time we spent a rushed and busy week squeezing in time with our daughter while she was home from WSU for Spring break and took her back this last weekend.  We did get to a local quilt show on Friday and is was so nice to spend some quality time together during what has been a month of turmoil.

My oldest grand-daughter has just been diagnosed with pediatric migraines and that has been waying heavy on our hearts too this month.  So I haven't spent as much time blogging but have sneaked in a little time in the studio.  Here is what I have been up to.

After I finished my medallion for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild medallion-along,   I set to work making one for Karen who blogs at The Recipe Bunny.  She had said she didn't have time and believe me...I understand.  I have been wanting to make a New York Beauty block for some time and decided to make one for her medallion.  I also knew that she may not have time to complete the rows we have to add to it each month but if she should choose to it would be interesting to see it come to life thru her eyes.  If it becomes a pillow or tote bag I am fine with that too.  I was interested in working through the process and it was challenging.  The color choices alone were very important and had to be penciled in on paper several times to get it so I liked them.  
Piecing the outer curves are so much easier than the inner curves.  But all in all, they came together much smoother than expected.   I asked her what colors she would someday like to make a quilt top in and she responded lime green, navy blue and gray and white.  Her choices made for a great combo for the New York Beauty.  Karen is currently working on a quilt for the 2014 Hands 2 Help Charity quilt challenge and I would love to commit to making one for one of the charities myself this year but with all that is going on with my family I feel the need to not over commit right now.  Therefore, I totally get if she doesn't have time for an extra thing on her plate right now...I get it :)

Karen and I attend the PMQG meeting each month and I so loved the February meeting I was totally stoked for the March meeting.  The March meeting also focused on a charity project.  Camp Erin representatives explained that they are looking for donations of quilts for the camp that reaches out to kids who are grieving for the loss of a family member that they experienced at a young age.  The kids attending are in the age groups of 6-18 years of age and have lost someone dear to them.  I think both of these are very worthy charity organizations and because I just don't have the time right now, I hope to put together a couple of quilts this year and set them aside for next years charities that will pull my heartstrings.

I have also spent a little time doing a little spring cleaning.  A few short weeks ago all of these fabrics were on the floor in baskets with no room to walk around.  It was good to get them somewhat organized and more accessible.  I thought about showing the before picture but it was not pretty.  In fact just to the left of this picture it is still a mess.
The quilt show I mentioned that took place this last weekend was one I enjoy going to each year because of its garage sale.  At least that is what I call it. Bargain prices on unwanted fabrics.  Here is what I dragged home with me this year.  Not quite as much as last year but a substantial amount to play with:)

Keep Stitchin'


  1. some times life just crowds in and it feels like there are just TOO MANY things going on x so some time away from every thing and evertone .. in a room playing with fabric is just what is needed x take care x

  2. Whew! Life sure has been keeping you busy lately. I hope things settle down for you soon and you can get back to some sewing.

  3. I loooove my medallion center! I put up a piece of batting on my sewing room wall just so I could hang up the piece you made for me. I love looking at it! I am hoping to have time to continue with the next step in the quilt-a-long, especially now that I have such an awesome center! Cross your fingers that I'm caught up by our next meeting. ;) thank you so much!!!!


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