Friday, July 11, 2014

Row by Row Experience

Have you seen the Row by Row Experience happening at quilt shops across America this Summer? 
You collect a minimum of eight rows and sew them together any way you would like and take it back into a participating shop for a chance at some great prizes.  If you are the first to take a finished quilt top into a participating shop you can win 25 fat quarters.  If your top features a row from that shop and they will throw in a bonus gift.  You can find out all the details here

Sounds rather easy but I can't finish a quilt quickly for the life of me.  You have from July 1st to Sept 1st to collect the patterns and until Oct 1st to claim a prize if one is still available.  Each shop is giving away one set of 25 fat quarters.  In just the first 2 days someone already had a quilt top done featuring eight rows. is that possible.  It takes me way more than 2 days just to visit 8 shops.  One participant visited 31 shops the first three days of July.  Surely, I don't have a chance so for me the goal will be to get at least 8 rows I adore.

I visited two last weekend.  One in Astoria, OR ( Homespun Quilts).  Their row features boats I believe,  but I've seen at least one person referring to them as kites.  The Long Beach quilt shop (Boardwalk Quilts) row definitely featured a row of adorable sailboats. I think they could balance each other out nicely on each end of the quilt.

I perused the Row by Row map and found quilt shops in Oregon and Washington that have rows that all represent the Pacific Northwest to me and my intention will be to get at least eight rows featuring Pacific Northwest themes.  Since I know speed is not my forte I am hoping to acquire eight rows that I will adore in the long run and be pleased with the final product.  This probably means it won't be done for two years...he hee hee

Next up,  The Stitchin' Post at Sisters, OR has the most adorable row of purple majestic mountains and trees.  Since, the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is tomorrow I simply can't resist a trip down there to get my pattern and view all the lovely eye candy the town will have on display.  It has been about 15 years since I attended the show and still remember fondly what a quaint little town it is and what a fabulous quilt shop they have.  I am super excited about the show and will take lots of pictures to share.

I am hoping to also make a quick stop in Salem, OR to pick up the row pattern from Greenbaum's Quilted Forest.  It features a row of adorable trees that I must have.

Can you believe it has been 11 days since I have touched my sewing machine?  I've looked at it a few times but I've been continuing to work long hours at work and on weekends we have been out of town with the new RV.

First taking in a weekend at Mt Hood and then following it up with the Holiday weekend at Ocean Park, WA taking in a small town 4th of July parade and fireworks on the beach.

Keep Stitchin'

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  1. Ooh, thanks for the head's up on the Row By Row shop hop. I will definitely be stopping in Greenbaums, and Aunty Ida's to get some free patterns. We will be camping at the beach this summer, too, so maybe some coast shops will be on my list too. Such fun!!


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