Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sisters Quilt Show... part three

If you are not bored with the Quilt Sisters Tour, I have some more quilts from Sisters that I enjoyed this last weekend to share with you today.

This one reminded me of one of the pharmacist I work with, Craig.  He collects sock monkey stuff and even takes a Curious George stuffed animal with him on vacation to be in his vacation photos...like a traveling gnome.  I thought these monkeys hanging out on the side of the liquor store was an appropriate place for them to be monkeying around and just an adorable quilt.

This year I have really given some thought to how I would ever use up my ever expanding stash and all the scraps in it also.  This is such a cute idea.  It reads, "Mama told me to get rid of my scraps sew I did'.  I'm not sure it would make a very big dent in my scrap boxes but should be on my bucket list.

This one was cute and all the ladies seemed dressed for different seasons, some had lots of embellishments like buttons and such and was for sale for $1000.00

I hadn't realized before that some of these quilts are available to purchase and think quite a few people were actually very interested in looking for just the right quilt to take home with them.

Hexagon quilts always amaze me.  It would take me 100 life times to achieve a quilt this huge out of hexies.  Who am I kidding....probably more than that.

Love the blend of traditional with a playful twist of whimsy this one has.
Aren't the colors in this gorgeous???  The quilting is superb, too.  I can't remember if this was all painted on here or if the red was appliqued but this is truly an art piece.  One of my other purchases in Sisters were some Inktense blocks-- a set of 12 colors-- they are water soluble ink blocks that when water is added, deep intense colors are created, giving a translucent ink-like effect.  Once dry, Inktense becomes permanent and can be worked over without affecting the layers of color.  I am not sure if that is what the quilter did with this piece but I imagine it was something like that. Stunning!!!

Once again, I was drawn to the creative side of what can be achieved, these inspire me to dream of being more artful in my quilting.   I only have to dare to believe I can achieve a piece such as these and set the goal to do more than to dream about creating them but actually starting with a piece and seeing what happens...seeing where the process will lead me to.


Is that a Rocking Horsefly??? LOVE it!!!

Well that's it for what I captured of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this year.  I am already thinking that next year I will need to expand the amount of time I spend in the area.  Can you believe I didn't even make it to the PMGQ exhibit?  shhhhh...don't tell...I don't want my membership card revoked.

Seriously, when I look at the flyer (newspaper thingy) they handed out at the event, there are things happening all weekend that are worth checking out like a $10 lunch held at Black Butte Ranch on Friday that has a quilt exhibit on their lakeside lawn that I would love to have attended.  Maybe next year...

'til then Keep Stitchin'


  1. So much inspiration on view! An outdoor show wouldn't work here - it would be sure to rain! I think the horse hanging is my favourite today - lovely.

  2. NEVER get bored looking at pictures of quilts xx

  3. The creativity amazes me. Thanks for showing us so many of the beautiful pieces.

  4. LOL about the scrap quilt! The funny thing is that my Gram (who is kind of my quilting mentor) encourages me to be a little extra than I need every time, supposedly to cover for errors but also "so you can add a little to your stash"! She had quite the stash until she had to move, and I think that there was a little hurt about having to give up all those pretty little pieces.

  5. Love the "mama told me" quilt!

  6. More wow. I would take that phoenix quilt home with me in an instant. Thank you for sharing these photos.


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