Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tulips, tulips, tulips

The second block for the Garden BOM hosted by Janeen van Niekerk from Quilt Art Designs this month features the most beautiful tulips.  They are my husband's favorite flowers.  I adore them when they are closed up in the bud shape but they quickly open and start to wither making them too short lived to be my favorite flower but they do offer an early punch of color in Spring making them just the needed friend in the garden after a cold dreary Winter.

First, I spent a little time coloring in a sheet, trying to get just the right color combo and then moved on to fabric selection.  The purple one really was challenging for me and not sure I got the best color combo on it as I struggled with the light and dark areas on it.

I colored it in darker in the middle but then switched it to the lighter area, still not sure which would have been the better choice.

All the pieces are made and its time to see how they'll look arranged correctly.   
The orange one is my favorite --- even though yellow is my favorite color.  I am finding I don't usually like the red in the low volume fabrics as they like to steal the show but I think it works here as it looks like flowers growing amongst the tulips in the garden.  When I started piecing it all together I noticed I forgot one piece in one of the yellow tulip sections.
At first I didn't notice it and sewed it in place and realized it needed corrected.  Almost decided not to fix it but I love the extra piece in it and am glad I took the time to redo it.  Plus since I added a piece of fabric that is in the second yellow tulip it adds cohesiveness to the two yellow tulips.
I have to say this one turned out stunningly beautiful!
Thanks so much Janeen for another fabulous pattern to work with this month.  You can join this BOM anytime. Each month the featured block is a free pattern during that month and past patterns can be bought in her craftsy shop for a small fee plus she now offers a Digital online magazine called  Paper Piecing 1/4" featuring some of her other fabulous patterns and other artists great designs, too.
Here's a peek at what all the blocks are looking like together so far:
So far I am pleased as punch with how this is coming together --- can't wait to see what gets added next month.
Till then...
Keep Stitchin' 


  1. Love the block and the bright colors that you picked!!
    Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday!! :)

  2. Your blocks look great when they're laid out together. They'll make such a pretty quilt.

  3. That is such a nice addition to the other blocks. I love tulips as well.


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