Tuesday, March 27, 2012

 This is the dresden template I won from the Quilting Lodge.  Thanks again to Vicki. I've admired these for years and have been saving some scraps just for such a project.  I have avoided machine or any other type of applique for years saying it just wasn't my cup of tea because I LOVE paper piecing soooo much, but was surprised how easy this went together.  A little time consuming cutting out all the pieces, sewing the ends, turning them out, and pressing with the iron, but worth the prep time to get the final block.

Here are just some of my many dresdens before I turned the ends and ironed the points flat. I haven't been sure what kind of project to make with them but I think I should make a table runner for the new coffee table my husband is making for the living room.  The colors seem to really go with the area rug I have in here and I didn't even realize that when I picked them all out. Isn't the finished block so nice!!!  I made the 4 inch dresden and I put it on a 12 1/2 inch background block so it will finish out to be a 12 inch finished block. Happy sewing and a great week to everyone :)

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  1. Nice. I have yet to make that block myself but I hope to soon. I do love it but more so with the pointed end. Curves and I do not get along.


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