Thursday, November 1, 2012

   Are you a No Reply Blogger???
 I had a few people from the Wicked blog hop that showed up as No reply Bloggers. If you have never had replies when you leave a comment on a posting this could be why. I would hate for anyone to not be able to claim their goodies because we have no way of contacting you.  I took a chance and Pat contacted me after she won her giveaway winnings but it is much easier for all involved to make sure the correct person gets the loot when you are set up as a reply blogger.  For those who want to change their status but are not sure how you can follow these steps:
These people are No reply Bloggers and may want to correct it by doing the following, also
Nellie Duclos
Judy B
Pat Converse
Hope this helps. I wouldn't want anyone to lose out on the wonderful fuzzy feelings we get when we win something special.  Hope you having a great evening. I have to get back to my sewing studio. Your goodies will be in the mail soon Pat.
Keep Stitchin'


  1. ALOT of the problem is when we go to Google plus. This happened to me and I even lost post. but I went back and my blog looks funny.

  2. I should no longer be a no reply blogger thanks to Michele at Quilts from my crayon box. I'm new to blogger and haven't yet figured out all the settings. Thanks for the warning!


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