Monday, November 19, 2012

    Skater Sue
I finished my Skater Sue mini wall hanging for the swap that Michele from the Quilting Gallery organized and that Jennifer from Sewhooked  provided the pattern for.  I am very happy with the finished results.  I had never done so much fill in free motion quilting on a project.  I usually stick to stitch in the ditch and do the mininum amount of quilting because I am so interested in getting the project done.  I must say it was nice working on a mini quilt when doing the extra fill in!!!  It finished out at 21" x 21".  Bonus is I got it completed with a week to spare on the mailing deadline...go me!

I hope my swap partner likes it.  I had a lot of fun putting it together for her.


  1. if she does not like it ...I know someone who does !! lol x

  2. Oh My! It looks wonderful and all the quilting you've put into this makes it just shine!! Wish I had joined in because I would have really enjoyed being your partner!


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