Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Prep Time


I made these cute burlap bags to cover some vases to hold flowers on the dinner table in I swear less than ten minutes tonight.  I think they turned out adorable. 

I just cut a piece of burlap about two inches longer than the height of my vase doubled and about two to three inches wider than the width of my vase doubled and sewed up the seams of the bags using wide seam allowances.  At least 1/2 inch on each side for seam allowances. No need to be accurate at all.

Than I just made some duck bills at the bottom ---again not sweating out the accuracy.  I just pinched the bottom of the bag and sewed about an inch and a half  in from the corner--creating a triangle or duck bill.

Then I just turned the bag right side out---easy peasy---and put my little vase inside

Then I just tied a burlap strip around the vase and adorned it with a fake leaf.  On one I tied the ribbon that came from the packaging that I bought a candle in tonight. The rectangle vase I thought looked great with no ribbon and I just cuffed the bag. A $10.00 bouquet of flowers from Fred Meyer's and I know I'm no Martha Stewart but these will dress up the Thanksgiving table just fine by me.


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